Monday, May 23, 2011

reason #78 I don't go into our basement (unless Stone is out of town for 2 weeks therefore forcing me to do laundry)

the main light (attached to the switch at the top of the stairs) is broken.

oh it comes on....

however the entire time it is on it flickers on and off.

it gives me the feeling that as I am walking down the stairs a pair of hands are going to pop out from under one of the steps and grab my ankles.

yeah....the basement just isn't for me

hurry home my love....i miss your sweet face and your awesome laundry skills!

Monday, May 16, 2011

(my boys by the pool while on vacation)Align Center

My Beloved has gone away for a spell.

Two weeks to be exact.

Two weeks of not seeing his sweet face or kissing his sweet lips.

Mi Madre has come to stay for a spell.

Two weeks to be exact.

Two weeks of giggles and girl time.

I think these two weeks might just fly by.....

PS: Dad you are invited for girl time too....but I know you won't stay.

Friday, May 13, 2011

'never too soon for a little sweet treat'....says Mimi

"Mimi" is mi Madre. Mimi is what her grandchildren call her.

I got a call from her today while at work.....(she watches Henry on Thursdays and Fridays)

Mimi: We went on a walk today and boy oh boy we were so hot afterwards we needed a popsicle! I checked the freezer, but didn't have any. I did have those little ice cream 'Dibs' and I tell ya what!...Mr. Henry just LOVED them. He probably ate 6 or 7!!!!

Court: Of course he did.... (as she lovingly shakes her head in mock anger/surprise)

(Mimi feeding Henry a gingerbread cookie while on our recent Florida vacation)

the conversation we had while she was feeding him said cookie:

Court: Really? Mom....a gingerbread cookie???

Mimi: HE LOVES IT!!!!!

Court: Of course he loves it! I can see the crystallized sugar on top of it! He's never had something so sweet in his life!!!

Mimi: (continues feeding him sugary goodness)

Monday, May 2, 2011


Random: A friend of mine once told me the bottom of the banana is called 'the bananus'.

It's 10:13 at night and the banana bread cooking in my oven smells like my childhood.

Warm and cozy goodness.

Thank you Madre for sending your recipe home with Stone.

I will have sweet banana flavored dreams tonight.