Tuesday, April 27, 2010

crying over spilled milk (shake)

(My mom calls Chick-Fil-A "The Chick")
Chick-Fil-A has a Peach Milkshake on their menu for the summer.
Stone bought me one for dessert, after we dinned on "The Chick" tonight.
It was good.
It smelled good. It had bits of peach in it. And the whipped creme on top was top notch.
It stopped being good however, when Stone knocked the half full/melted milkshake inside my purse.
Not only did he rouse me from my after dinner nap (I take those now).
But now my purse (and most all the items in it) smells like old milkshake.
Stone's take on it:
"On the bright side. I think the peach flavor is really going to help cover up the rotten milk smell"
I guess there is always a positive........
Stone requested I update you all with the fact that although yes, he did do the spilling....he also did ALL of the cleaning. The little bits of peach floating at the bottom of my bag looked a little bit too much like throw up for me to handle.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

the stats.....

12 weeks along

due November 3rd

stuffing my face with almost anything and everything

(note: I have been unable to try Yoplait's new gift to the world...Red Velvet Yogurt....the very thought of red velvet in the form of yogurt sets my mouth a watering (not in a good way) and gives me the shivers. Seriously...it's bad news bears)

my jeans still fit....and by 'fit' I mean I can wear them, not buttoned, and be uncomfortable all day

my already thick tresses have become an almost uncontrollable mass with it's own plan for world domination

Stone calls the wee babe in my belly 'Nugget'...pronounced 'new-get' with a slight English accent

And that's about it!....Honestly, I have felt really great. I feel lazy and a little bit cranky sometimes (more on that later) other than that.....top notch!

Thank you for your sweet comments!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the jig is up.....

What it boils down to
is that I've been busy keeping a secret
A secret I have loved having tucked under my wing
safe and snuggled and warm
A secret that is really starting to show itself.
The secret is.....
I'm going to be a Momma
I wonder what sort of amazing little person we will have with us come this fall.

PS: If the baby takes anything after this guy.....

(Stone with a stuffed pig in Italy)

he/she is destined to be awesome.