Wednesday, July 29, 2009


In the midst of the sadness that was last week, a little ray of wonderful shined through.

2 years
2 years with love
2 years with my best friend
2 years with my favorite person by my side
2 years since July 21, 2007 when Stone and I said "I DO!"

The Groom

The Bride

The Church

The Flowers

The Cake

The Friends by Our Side

The Shoes

The Dancing

(Please note Stone's Grandpa in the background of the color picture...he's in the sea foam light green pants....the man can hardly walk across a room, but get him on a dance floor and HE.CAN.MOVE!)

The End

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I can't be entirely sure, but I'm pretty sure that freshly sliced peaches on a hot summer night are the best.

Oh summer how I love thee and everything that comes with you.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

(Papa & Mama on their wedding day)

My Grandfather passed away last Tuesday.

To my Papa-

You don't remember me, but I remember you.

I remember your bushy eyebrows. You would let me take your glasses off so I could comb them.

I remember your sweet tooth. You would take us to TCBY for frozen yogurt before dinner. It was our secret because we promised it wouldn't spoil our meal.

(Papa in the Navy. He lied about his age so he could enlist during WWII...Mama was pretty miffed when she learned, from an article in the paper, that the man she had fallen for was in fact one of the young local boys who had enlisted before the age of 18)

I remember when you opened the door to the grandfather clock and moved the time up an hour. I remember when you winked as the clock started chiming that it was time to open Christmas hour early.

I remember when you would lift me high up in the air until I thought I would fall "I tip I tip I tip!", but you never let me fall.

I remember how funny you were. I remember your laugh that would spread a smile across my face.

I remember when you let me drive your car across the Georgia state line....before I had my license or even my learner's permit.

I remember when my dad would call you Luigi.

I remember when you would tell me, "You're lookin good kid!"

Every happy moment, every laugh, every smile, every hug, every scoop of ice cream......I will carry you and your zest for life with me for all of my days.

I'm so proud to know what a great man my Papa was. I know I will see him again someday, but until then....I'll remember.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

holla back ya'll!

No to worry dearies, there has not been a murder. Well, at least not in our NEW DRIVEWAY! Gone are the days of the dusty/muddy gravel driveway. Hello stinky asphalt!
Oh think of all the chalk drawings we can make!
(thank you Madre for supplying me with the GIANT crayola chalk "crayons"....I think they worked wonders tracing Stone in the "crime scene". don't you?)

note: is it weird that "the body" has ping pong paddles for hands? maybe....

Tilda loves the new driveway.


Doesn't she look happy? Kinda like she's smiling huh? I tell ya, that pup is a piece of work!




I'm off to Detroit this weekend for a weekend of girl time, fun in the sun (hopefully...Mother Nature don't fail me! *shaking fist at the sky*) and tasty beverages (hello Bloody Mary bar!).


Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Once upon a time there was a girl named Courtney. She had a friend named Lisa.
Lisa's birthday was the easiest birthday for Courtney to remember because she once heard a story about the day Lisa was born. She was born on the seventh day of the seventh month almost at 7 o'clock in the morning, but she did a flip flop delaying her arrival for a bit.

Courtney remembered to send her a birthday card. She remembered to call her to wish her a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!". So when she received an email from Lisa wondering why she was the only friend who did not receive birthday wishes via her blog....SHE.WAS.SHOCKED.

Could this be true!?!?!?!

Perhaps Lisa's computer has a glitch and didn't pull up her post from 07/07/09? "Yes!" she thought....Obviously this is the problem. How could she forget to post a happy b-day message to her maid of honor? The girl who talked her through the panic attack she had after leaving her 1st wedding dress fitting? The girl who visited Italy with her and Stone? The girl who has been through ups and downs and around the bends with her?






UM....there is no glitch. She forgot.

I'm sorry Lisa! You know I love you and I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!! I can't wait to see you on Friday!!!!

PS: yes, I will buy you multiple drinks when we go out on the town...not to worry.

Love to you!

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people in the world!....Emma

Emma is one of those friends who even if I don't see her very often, when we get together it picks up right where we left off. I love her and I can't wait to see her in August. She lives in San Francisco, so I only see her once a year. (twice if I'm lucky) Kitty and I are flying out to see her. I.AM.PUMPED!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday my dear!!!!!

PS: Stone may or may not have let it slip one night (whilst boozing) that he has a crush on Emma. I informed him I already figured this out at Christmas when he offered to do her laundry when she was staying with us. ha!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands! *clap clap*

I present:

White Trash Margaritas

*1 can Limeade frozen concentrate
*1 can Squirt (or Fresca)
*1 can Beer (I use Budlight...but anything cheap is fine)
*1 "can" Tequila

-pour the SLUSHY (allow to thaw for a few minutes) Limeade concentrate into the pitcher
-pour the can of Squirt (or Fresca) into the pitcher
-pour the can of Beer into the pitcher
-use the empty Limeade can to measure the Tequila
(note: the recipe calls for a full 12oz of Tequila...I sometimes think that is a bit much. I go 1/2 or 3/4 of the can full....depending on how saucy I'm feeling.)
-stir and serve over ice!

Seriously refreshing without that pucker face-ness that margaritas can sometimes have.


PS: feel free to double (or triple) the recipe for a large group of peeps....or if you are feeling especially wild

Monday, July 13, 2009

some people.....

Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking.

Like when Stone and I went to the movie on Friday night.....We were purchasing our tickets when we noticed a bit of commotion to the left of the ticket counter. A fellow movie goer was enraged that he was not allowed to bring his GIANT (MADE AT HOME) FRUIT SMOOTHIE into the movie with him. He was actually arguing with the manager of the theater.

Excuse me sir? Are you from planet Earth?

Everyone knows if you are going to smuggle in outside food you
A)don't waltz in with it in your hand
B) you don't bring food/drink that can't be hidden in a large purse
C) you DEFINITELY don't bring a soda in a can.

Nothing says I've got contraband like the "POP" of a soda can. Believe me when I say it. I've lived through it. Growing up mi Madre would pack us little goodie bags full of treats to eat while at the movie.

I was blasted back to the past when Stone and I went to see "Taken" with my parents. (Liam, I want to put you in my pocket and carry you around all day) We sit down in our seats. I glance over to mi Madre. She and my dad are pouring popcorn from their bin into a gallon size Ziploc bag she brought from home.

"Seriously? Is this really happening?" I ask as she hands me the plastic bag.

Her response "Court, this isn't my first rodeo."

Friday, July 10, 2009


Did you know I don't wear shorts? Well, I don't.

I have nothing against shorts on others. I tend to look like a trampy tramp in shorts though. Since I am a) not a tramp and b) don't want to appear trampy, I don't wear them. This is alarming and unsettling to some people in my life. (That is, me not wearing shorts, not me not being a tramp.) Why is this so disturbing? You would think I told them I don't bathe....which is alarming and unsettling. I'm perfectly aware that it is hot outside and I am wearing pants. I'm fine with it.

People pointing out the fact that it is hot out and I have pants on is like someone pointing out that I have a sunburn. Really? Thank you for telling me! I had no idea the reason my skin was red and hot to the touch was from a sunburn. Good.To.Know.


I'm off to a dinner/movie date with my love. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

wait a minute?

I think there might be a spell on my Great Gran Estelle's aprons. I put one on after work today, and instantly turned into Suzy Homemaker. It was weird. Right after I tied it around my waist I started cooking dinner. Fish Tacos and Couscous....strange pairing, but I work with what I got.

holy condiments!

(well actually, right after I tied it around my waist I ate a piece of Jarlsberg on a slice of sourdough bread.....then I started cooking dinner)

Then I wanted to clean the downstairs bathroom. Then I wanted to scrub the kitchen floor. Then (this is where it gets really weird) Stone joined in on the cleaning and started scrubbing the scuff marks off the stairs! The magic (or voodoo, however you want to look at it) jumped to him too! I helped him clean the steps. He scrubbed, I wiped clean......

As good as new. Thank you Mr. Clean Magic Erasers!

Perhaps I should stick with this apron thing.

PS: My Gran Estelle is my Papa's mom. Papa is mi Madre's dad. He has Alzheimers. It is sad, but you have to smile and laugh through it. Like tonight my mom was at the rehab facility with him and the nurse came in for speech therapy. She pointed to my Mama (mi Madre's mom) and asked him who it was.

Papa: "Um....that's my wife."
Nurse: "What's here name?"
Papa: "Estelle" (Mama giggles...her name is Virgil)
Nurse: (pointing at mi Madre, his oldest daughter) "There's Michele. Who is she?"
Papa: "She's a drunk."

(note: I should probably tell you mi Madre is in fact not a drunk. She prefers to sit back and watch the rest of us make fools of ourselves....then drive us home)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm loving....

*turning of the TV and listening to lovely tunes

*eating food prepared by me and cooked by Stone....on the grill.

-Today this Lady got me craving tomatoes, mozzarella (please say with an Italian accent) and basil. It.Was.Good. (not cooked on the grill, but still delicious....and the rest of our dinner was cooked on the grill)

*trying to fill my decorating fix (on a budget)

*driving with the sunroof open

*trying to find a place I must wear this I have to buy it

found here

*Stone's sense of humor

Monday, July 6, 2009

of course....

Two things anyone who has met me knows:

1) I'm a talker.

2) "Do I have anything in my nose?" Is question my friends/family get asked me. Nothing worse than talking to someone and having a boog in your nose and the person NOT telling you about it.

That said......

Here is the problem with being a talker. Once you have this label slapped on you (and it has been stamped on my forehead since the ripe old age of 5)....if you aren't talking people think something is wrong.

"Are you OK? You didn't talk much at dinner."

Even talkers like to be silent. GASP! Sometimes I like to sit and listen to a conversation and not put my two cents in, even when I have something to say. Inevitable though, I get a text or email or call later that day or the next making sure I'm OK.

A couple of Fridays ago I decided to be a big girl. I went to lunch, at a restaurant, ALL. BY. MYSELF. OK, maybe it was a workaurant, but still ALL. BY. MYSELF. I have NEVER done this.

(Fast Chinese food....I got rice and noodles and the girl ringing me up judged me. "Just a side of rice and a side of lo mein????? UM....eeerrrr......OoooooKkkkkkk....." she said to me whilst rolling her eyes.)

I sat in a booth by a window, eating my lunch and watching the cars go by. I brought a book (Little Women), but I found myself not needing/wanting to read it. I wasn't experiencing the "AHH! I feel like everyone is staring at me wondering why I am eating by myself" feeling I thought I would. I thought to myself: This is kind of great! This is quiet and relaxing. Silence is soothing. Way to go Court! I am growing up right before my own eyes! I don't always have to rely on friends and family to keep me company all the time. I can keep my own company.

I left the restaurant with my head held high.

Then I got into the car and noticed I had a little boog in my nose.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Ever notice how when you have a short work week, it seems like the LOOOOONGEST week ever? Strange, huh?

Today is my Friday and I couldn't be more thrilled! Seriously. I have been floating on a white puffy cloud of cotton candy covered joy since I found out that I don't have to work tomorrow. I owe it all to the good ol US of A!.....

HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!!!!!!

last year on 4th in Florida with the family