Thursday, February 21, 2013

night night

the list of things toddlers like to snuggle with when going night night:

teddy bear
ones of those ugly stuffed animal pillows

the list of things my child likes to 'snuggle' with when going night night:

a pirate sword

is my kid awesome?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

every day

i love henry every day
so with a little (a lot) of help from kitty
i made this diddy for his bedroom wall

half off frame from hobby lobby
giant piece of wood cut by the nice man at lowes
white paint 
red paint
water (to thin the white paint once it was on the wood)

happy valentine's day

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

book snob

don't you hate it when you think of the best thing to say to someone
AFTER you walk away?

the cashier at barnes & noble judged me for not being a regular b&n shopper but a Half Priced Books shopper
(it truly is the i can get lost in there for hours)

stone told me i should've told him

'i buy used books. it's crazy, they're half the price but have the same words and everything!'

on the plus side
the trip to b&n, to use up a gift card, wasn't a total bust
stone took the mr. to the kids section so i could get lost in the maze of colorful spines and paper smells
i found a few treasures
then found my boys tucked away in a corner full of wheeled books
of course henry would find the books with wheels on them

Thursday, February 7, 2013

2. almost 2.5

henry is 2
almost 2.5
he is a little man with real likes and dislikes
and the mind to tell them to you too
he likes bowling and berries and books and bare feet and chocolate
oh how he likes chocolate
he likes milk and jumping and kisses and tangled and school buses
he talks and talks like nobody's business
i love his words
how his little tongue and teeth meet to make the most perfect lisp
he furrows his brow when 'roaring' like a lion
and tells me 'mama. that's a good dinner'.....
.....but only when he really means it
he is the tilt to my world
and the beat to my heart

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

the knicks and the knacks

our bungalow is (mostly) full of things i love
things i have found along the way
family things past down
books i have read
gifts from family and friends

(note: i say 'i' here because stone is pretty much content with letting me do the decorating)

my favorite room is our 'parlor'
it is the room we use the least
i hate to admit it is because there is no tv
when we do find ourselves tucked into this corner of our house
i find myself content and cozy
the record player will be spinning
and  the conversation uninterrupted by the game or show or whatever else might be on the boob tube

my favorite part of the room is the piano
my grandfather gave it to mi madre when she was little
and she gave it to us last year
we had a doozy of a time moving it
but i'm so happy we did
i smile every time i look at it

i have topped it with some of my favorite things:

Monday, February 4, 2013


stone is a man
not news
he is a man, however, not afraid to shed a tear
or admit when something completely girly, that i love,
is in-fact awesome
case in point:
the movie pride and prejudice
he moaned and groaned when i turned it on
fast forward 30 minutes and he was yapping for me to turn it up
so he could hear it over henry's abc train
he got sucked and couldn't miss a second of it!

oh how i swoon over mr. darcy's nervous stutter when he tells elizabeth he loves her