Saturday, February 26, 2011

this is what 4 months looks like.......

(photos by my awesome sister of course!)

I could just wrap him up in a flour tortilla
(with a little salsa & sour cream on top)
and gobble him up!
Is that weird?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

two piece too soon?

I finally bit the bullet and purchased a swimsuit.

Much to my own surprise, I found myself adding a bikini to my 'cart'.

Purchasing this "Midnight Tropic" piece of fun turned out to be a bit of an ordeal.

Like most bikinis these days the top and bottom are sold separately since most of us ladies aren't the same size on the top as we are on the bottom. (although we may wish it were so)

The bottoms came in the regular ol small, medium and large sizes.

The top on the other hand came in bra sizes.


I haven't worn a bra in more years than I can remember! Things (by 'things' I mean the girls...and by 'the girls' I mean my boobs) have done a bit of changing in all those years.

A few texts were sent to friends, inquiry as to what size they thought the girls would fit into.

After a few back and forths a size was decided on.....thank you to all parties involved!

It really took a village on this one!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Swept Away

Maybe I was tired. Maybe it was the wine.

Maybe it was both.

But tonight, I got swept away in a wave of love.

I got caught up in how much I love my husband and our son.

And how much I love how we, the three of us, fit so perfectly into our sweet little bungalow.

It's funny how it creeps up on you.


I hoped for so much when I was little.

I hoped for everything.

But I never expected this.

I never expected to be blown over by how wonderful life can be.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Nursery: Part 1

The number one question I got asked after someone found out that I didn't know if the baby was a boy or a girl was:

"How are you decorating the nursery?"

I decided, prior to ever getting pregnant (or even thinking about getting pregnant), that boy or girl I wanted to paint the walls a cozy shade of white-ish blue (aka: really really really really light blue).

After that I decided all that mattered to me was the nursery be a cozy little space, with pieces (aside from the crib) I could eventually incorporate into the rest of my home.

No theme, no color scheme, no plan......just found pieces I fell in love with/fixed up.

I call it cohesive hodgepodge.

First Purchase: the chair

Mission: find a hideous old chair to refurbish and make fabulous

I found this chair at a (semi) local antique store for $12......yes you read that right $12.

It was ugly but had good bones.

After a few trips to fabric stores, a sweet paint job by Stone and a quick trip to the upholstery shop (thank you Madre and Heather!!!!)....the finished product was better than I had hoped for.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

why I could never do crack.....

Most importantly because (for lack of a better word) it's whack.

But also because yesterday while at work I had a vanilla latte and an earl grey tea latte.

the shakes
freezing...but sweating
random dizziness
talking at speeds no human has ever achieved
(there are multiple voicemails floating around this city to prove it)

The above list is a quick recap of the reaction I had to one too many caffeinated beverages.

aka: caffeine overload

It wasn't pretty wasn't pretty.

one of my top 12 favorite things:

when Taco Bell uses the word 'succulent' to describe their steak

ha! who are they kidding....

PS: Here's a picture of a pretty cute kid named Mr. Henry

{photo taken by my sister ((who else!?!))}