Wednesday, July 25, 2012

the day i (almost) single handedly drank an entire giant drink dispenser of homemade sangria by myself:

a couple of weekends ago i threw one of my best and dearest girlfriends a bridal shower
i was so excited for this day to be here
mi madre and i worked on the decor and the favors for weeks
and i couldn't wait to see lisa's reaction to what we had come up with:
a cozy backyard brunch with a retro girly look
 (with mimosas & sangria to bring it all together...and take the edge off the heat)
i asked my sister (you know, the one who takes those awesome photos) to come over and document the day for us

mi madre and i worked for a couple of weeks on the pom pom garland draped across my backyard.  i love it and can't wait to find any old reason to have stone string it across the yard again!
(so i may or may not have a sickness ((which i inherited from mi madre)) where i feel the need to own cute little tables and chairs)

the favors and 'prizes'....we didn't play any games (because honestly isn't that the least fun part of a shower?) so guests won prizes for things like 'first person to arrive', 'first guest who's gift lisa opened' etc.

brunch was made up of three different kinds of quiche, a summer salad, fresh fruit and individual monkey breads
(i kind of feel like cupcakes are EVERYWHERE right now so i wanted to do something different and mi madre came up with the mini monkey bread idea)

i chose zinnias as the flower for the day...i thought they were bright and cheery

i wrapped an 'L' and a 'K' (for lisa and kyle) in yarn

not only as a gift for lisa, but also to sort of bookend the buffet

as i said before, we had mimosas and sangria (which i really helped myself too!)

my dad was nice enough to print off little labels for all of the food and beverages

we decided on two favors
one: a vintage hankie for each guest

 'for happy tears'
 (mi madre and i embroidered each guests first initial and a flower on their hankie)

and two: a little spice jar full of matches

lisa + kyle
the perfect match

(from left: katie, sara, court, lisa (the bride) and amber)

the 'indy' bridesmaids and the bride
it was a wonderful day
i had such a great time planning and throwing this shower...i can only imagine how much fun the wedding will be in october.
but first things first.....
a bachelorette party in IU bloomington!!!!!
can't wait!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

a real live boy

....and then one day i looked at him and he was a little boy

he talks, he runs, he climbs (man oh man does he climb!)

he falls and falls and picks himself up again

'shake it off' he says

he is his own little person

and that person is kind of awesome

(photos by HRW)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

comments from a marriage

the scene: stone making a list of things to pick up at the store

court:  oh, i need razors.

stone:  i got you razors in your stocking at christmas?!

court:  really?  that was december.  i shave my legs

stone: oh yeah.  i you have beastly hair.

i think i might have been offended.....

but then i laughed so hard i got the hiccups.