Wednesday, October 17, 2012

'you look wobbly'

(the bride and the 'indy' maids ((amber, sara, lisa, katie, court & amy))....i need a photo of everyone looking classy!  we are missing 3 ladies)

a couple of weeks ago,
i had the honor of standing next to one of my dearest friends as she married her love
it was beautiful
the wedding, the reception, the people
before the big day, i tried on my outfit for stone.
the dress, the heels....oh the heels, all 4.5 inches of them
he said, 'you look good.....wobbly, but good'
luckily, lisa is a kind soul and had us ladies walk down the aisle with our very own groomsman
que: me wiping the sweat off my brow

(me and lisa at the rehearsal dinner)

(the bride and the maids at the rehearsal dinner and ((just a few)) drinks)
i am so happy for my friend