Wednesday, August 17, 2011

don't look under the cup

See that flipped over cup?
Well actually it's a tea light holder....but thats neither here nor there.
See it?
The world's biggest wasp is under it. Wait. Let me rephrase.
The wasp with the world's biggest stinger lives under there.
It got under that tea light holder after I swatted it with one of Henry's bibs...failing to kill it, only managing to stun it long enough to flip the cup over onto it.
I haven't touched it in three days.
Last night Henry was leaning over the back of the couch starring at the bookshelf.....the bookshelf with the flipped over cup.
Stone looked at me and said, "He knows what lives under that cup....."

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Sometimes I get lost in my 'bad place.
The place where I focus on the negative. The place where I become a version of myself I don't especially like.
I forget to focus on, and be thankful for, all the lovely day to day bits happening around me.
Henry, using his little hands to pick up a cheddar goldfish and place it into his hungry little mouth.....listening to the sound of his five little teeth working away.
Having parents who I love because they are my parents, but also because they are truly and honestly people I would choose to be around if they weren't my parents.
Friends who I can call and talk to, who understand me and don't think I am a nutter (most of the time).
It's so silly for me to waste time (precious time) lost in my head....when it is so much prettier out here.
(check out these twins....)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

summer rudeness

While walking into the house this evening, my hands full of this and that, I watched a mosquito sting me.

That's right...I watched it, and frankly I'm rather upset about it.

That little bug didn't even have the common courtesy to fly away once it was spotted! Bold I tell you. BOLD!

I can handle the phantom mosquito bite. You when you are dining al fresco for dinner thinking to yourself how lovely it is to eat outside and then twenty minutes later you are a giant itchy and scratchy show thinking how lovely dinner inside could have been too????

But sting me right in front of my own face? I'm offended!...and itchy

(braving the bugs at Easley Winery's "Groovin in the Garden" Night)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

his face

Henry was napping in my arms this morning. My most favorite place for him to nap.
I found myself starring at his face.
His nose.
His eyes.
The soft strawberry hair on top of his head.
When I was pregnant, I wondered what our baby would look like.
Like me?
Like Stone?
A perfect mix of the two of us?
This morning, while watching him sleep, I realized I've always known him.
His face....His nose. His eyes. His sweet strawberry hair.
Since the beginning of our time (Stone's and mine), he was meant to be ours.
I find peace in these thoughts.
In knowing our world is just as it should be.

Monday, August 1, 2011

It's funny because it's awkward

Saturday took us two hours north of home for Stone's sister's engagement party.
Good food and an open bar were to be enjoyed....
and enjoy we did!
But let's get to what this post really is about.
the toilet paper stuck to Stone's shoe on his journey back from the loo.
Yes, I laughed out loud when I saw it
and then I took a picture of it, so I could laugh about it later.