Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"the goodness"

Tonight while I was sitting at the computer, searching random things and downloading a tune (Jennifer Hudson "If This Isn't Love"), Stone wandered in to see what I was doing.

Hold that thought. Let's pump the breaks and back up.

In order to appreciate the absurdity of what I'm about to write, you must know four things.

1. the computer in our home is in the upstairs guest bedroom (match box room)
2. all of the floors in our home are either wood or tile
3. except for a 2ft X 4ft bit of floor inhabiting the teeny tiny space that is the match box room's closet
4. it saddens Stone (not me) that we do not have carpet for his tootsies to feel

So there I am perusing the net, when Stone walks in to say hi. I of course say hello, then go about my business......

I hear Stone say "feel the goodness".

I turn around to find Stone standing on the carpet in the teeny tiny matchbox closet stamping his feet imitating Mr. Tumnus the faun (of Narnia fame).

Perhaps I should get Stone one of those carpet sample squares for Christmas? That way his tootsies can enjoy the feel of carpet anywhere in our house.....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

funny, but.....

Sometimes in the middle of the night Stone or I will wake up to find Matilda staring at us.

Now that in itself is slightly disturbing, but coupled with the fact that she generally looks like this while staring:

It is down right unnerving!

She is definitely plotting our demise.....

...that or her take over of the world.


Other than cicadas and loud noises (like really loud noises...sudden burglar alarms or the screech before a car accident for example) I am TERRIFIED of home invasion. I'm sure it stems from watching some sort of Dateline special or 20/20 episode but I definitely feel the people who break into a house because you are home are the real sickos you need to be afraid of.

For this reason I A) always have the screen door locked if the actual door is open on a warm day. B) never sleep closest to the bedroom door (yes that is correct, I make it so "they" have to go through Stone before they get to me.) and 3) repeatedly ask Stone if he has locked all of the doors at night when we go to bed. (we have 3 in our house that lead outdoors)

Last night I heard a noise that I can only describe as similar to the noise the "aliens" from War of the Worlds (with our favorite crazy Tom Cruise) made. Kind of like a WHHHAAAUUMMMP! WHHHHAAAUUUMMMP! I heard it once but thought nothing of it. Then The Bitch jumped up and let a low rumble out. Note: The Bitch growls at everything so I know in the middle of the night if she doesn't growl at a noise...I (we) am safe. Obviously I did what any normal wife would do, I shoved Stone awake and whispered for him to "listen....sssshhhh. listen!"

Oh Stone, good ol Stone. "WHAT!?!?! WHAT!?!?!" he screams as he removes the little ear plugs he sleeps with in his ears. Oh that's just great! Way to blow our cover. Not only do those silly earplugs make it so Stone doesn't wake up when there is a bump in the night so he can properly protect me, but now he has alerted the home invaders (clearly coming to get us) that we are aware of their "invasion"!

So much for counting on the ol ball-n-chain when things get dodgy!

(PS: That's right. Stone wears earplugs to bed because in fact he is a SUPER light sleeper. The slightest noise will wake him up. Seriously, he could hear water tink tink tinking on a pipe in our basement in the middle of the night. Perhaps Stone is some sort of mutant with bionic hearing??? Must remember to address this at a later date)

(PPS: turns out the noise I heard was some sort of electrical box blowing down the street not the home invaders I had feared)

(PPPS: yes, I know I watch to many scary movies/disturbing news stories. I'm putting them on my "list of things to cut back on to save my sanity")

Monday, April 27, 2009

weekend randomness

The sun smiled down on my weekend...literally, I'm a lobster. But I'll take being a lobster over ghostly white any day.

Saturday night was funny, to say the least.


*Katie Jean pimping me out for free drinks.... "Hey Court...he already got me a drink so you need to go flirt with him this time."

*Looking over to see "Mommy-Stone" aka: Stone taking random photos of the festivities all the while my GIANT purse hanging from his shoulder. Apparently I was "that girl" who makes her man carry her bag for her. Sorry Buddy!

Sunday the Katies (Kitty and Katie Jean) and I sat in the yard, soaking up the rays watching the boys (Stone and Babs..Katie Jeans boy toy) stain our deck. For reasons unknown to me, Stone felt the need to complete this task shirtless. His back is now the color of a tomato and will burn your hand if you touch it.

note: We tried to get Babs to take his shirt off as well.....he passed.

Speaking of shirtlessness.....On Friday night we had the windows open and the fans on. It was a perfect warmish night. Here is a snip it of our convo whilst laying down for bed: (note: Stone usually sleeps in a t-shirt & shorts)

S: It's kind of warm up here.
C: No it's not. I think it feels great.
S: I'm gonna turn the fan up.
C: Nah. We'll get cold in the middle of the night if you do.
S: Fine. Then I'm bringin sexy back. (as he takes his shirt off and attempts to flex is chest "muscles")


On the way to work this morning I heard the news that we lost another Golden Girl....Bea Arthur died. When I sat down at my desk and flipped the radio on, the DJ was discussing her. A listener called in to request they play the Golden Girls theme song.

What do you think happened next?

You guessed it.......I shed a few tears

I need to get a grip....

Saturday, April 25, 2009

you stay classy

Here is our (Katie Jean and I's) attempt at taking a photo.

Good times....

Friday, April 24, 2009

wavy lays

Katie Jean works for a local radio station.

(she's practically a celebrity)

I listen to her station all day at work and giggle every time I hear them say her name (and sometimes I actually hear's hilarious).

On Saturday we are going to an event with her for her J-O-B. We have to get dressed really dressed up. This is no business casual affair. I decided tonight would be a good time to go through my "dressy" dresses and decide on which one I should wear tomorrow.

Sounds like fun right?


Playing dress up is not so fun when you have to take a running start to get into a dress. Or when you finally get into a dress you look in the mirror only to see that someone has played a sick joke on you, replacing your regular mirror with a fun house mirror that makes you look "wavy" in places you never used to be.

I texted Katie Jean about my predicament. She called to inform me she didn't believe me and my ridiculous "wavy claims".

You don't believe me? YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME!?!?!

The proof is found in the fact that after I cooked (and ate) one of the richest dinners I have ever made (it involved homemade Alfredo sauce.....heavy cream, butter and TONS-O-PARMESAN) I was putting the leftovers away, grabbed a fork out of the drawer and helped myself to two more GIANT mouth fulls of cheesy rich goodness.

I told Katie Jean that Monday is the day I turn a new leaf.

Self control. I've got it


Thursday, April 23, 2009

!!!! (revised)

Hello Sabina Convertible Leather Bag!

Would you like to come live at my house????


During my little online window shopping session (note the purse above), I happened upon this bag as well:

So I did the right thing and forwarded a picture of it to Stone with the following message:

Hey! Look what I found....isn't it the cutest!?!?! (hint hint)

Stone replied to my email with this message:

1. You know how I feel about purses - not good

2. Your hint hints aren't very subtle.

3. I am going to slap you silly when you get home.

To which I replied with:

not if I slap you first

And that ladies and gents is a glimpse into the ridiculous world of me and my love.....

NO thank you Giada....

I finally made the "Hibiscus Tea" I've been wanting to make.

Thanks for nothing Giada!....I got the recipe from Giada De Laurentiis (you know, of Food Network fame). While she was cooking it (in her awesome kitchen with her high class/quality cooking gear) it looked/sounded absolutely delicious. While I cooked it (in my teeny tiny kitchen with my "much loved" (aka: getting old and battered) cooking gear) it looked kind of sick.

Turns out the "tea" (in quotes because it is like Long Island Iced Tea...full-o-booze) is seriously sweet with a funky after taste. Not my cup of tea.

Moving on......

from this etsy shop

I think this is genius. If you have never seen it or don't know what it's a shopping cart cover. There is nothing that disgusts me more than to look over at the grocery store and see a little kid sucking on the grocery cart. UGH! It makes my skin crawl...those carts are Dirty (with a CAPITAL "D")!!!! Thank God it came out before I pop out a kid. If I didn't have access to something like this, my child would most certainly be bundled up in a bio-hazard suit for each trip to the store.

When I went shopping last night for my cousin's baby shower, I was happy to see she had registered for one of these . I purchased it. I can sleep soundly knowing I helped contribute to Baby Bella not getting some horrible sickness from a seedy shopping cart.

ps: Stone as a father is going to be hilarious (for many reasons). Last night, while shopping for the baby gift, I wondered over to the clothing section to grab a little outfit too. I spotted a sweet little pants-onesie-sweater outfit. "A cardigan??? She isn't even born yet and you are trying to make her a granny?" Stone said to me. I put that down and picked up a cute little sundress with teeny tiny leggins. "Nice...she'll be a hussy at the ripe old age of 3 months."

Oh Stone, you silly silly man! Looks like our child will be "that kid" who is always in just a diaper. ha!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I had another occurrence of forgetting where I was last night.

While at the grocery I needed to pick up the dinner menu groceries AND body wash for myself.

(I prefer a loofa and liquid soap to bar soap)

If I'm not using something tasty from B&B Works (ie: Jasmine Vanilla body wash) I generally use Ivory because it smells good, but mostly because the new packaging has a cute little diddy on it about the soap having "just enough bubble". How can I resist that!?!?!?

So......I walk into the soap aisle to find that the store is currently out of my Ivory soap. I stand there for a few minutes checking out my other options when something catches my eye:


I pick it up, pop the top, take a whiff and blurt out:


The woman standing in the aisle with me giggles, then continues on her merry way.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Victory is MINE!

Go to the grocery (my nemesis) to procure needed items off of my dinner menu list.....CHECK!

(Stone called this afternoon to inform me he needed me to make a list of 4 dinners to have this week so we could go to the store tonight...but really so he wouldn't starve/be forced to eat a cheese quesadilla every night)

Clean BOTH bathrooms......CHECK!

(Absolutely hate doing it, but once it is done I feel great about what I have accomplished.)

Try out a new recipe for dinner: Creamy Pesto Gnocchi Green Beans and Ricotta .....CHECK!

* I didn't follow the directions to a "T"....I mixed everything together in the pot with the gnocchi, pesto & cream (also sprinkled a bit of parmesan on top).

**If I ever make this again I might add cherry tomatoes for a pop of color and burst-o-favor.

(OH, and yes. That is a bagel you see on my plate....Take a plain bagel, add a bit of butter, a dusting of garlic powder, a dash of italian seasoning, a sprinkle of parmesan cheese, pop it in the oven at 450 until golden brown and VOILA! Nothing but goodness!....that's how we roll!)

Hopefully tonight will be the beginning of me getting back into my domestic goddess groove. I doubt it, but I can always hope!

PS: Check out the earrings I made on Saturday.

Pretty snazzy huh? If you would like to make a pair as can go here or here to get your vintage cabochons (I'm sure there are other places but these are the two Etsy shops I have purchased from). Then head to your nearest craft store to pick up a package of earring posts & backs (might want to get "nickel-free"). All you have to do is slap a bit of seriously strong glue on the back of the posts and POOF! You have yourself a bitchin new set of earrings!

PPS: Yes, I wore my new apron (from Katie Jean) whilst cleaning/cooking....and blogging.


The eyebrow massacre of 2009 is over.....I hope.

I used to get my eyebrows waxed every couple weeks. I soon started to notice a horrifying trend after each appointment. My dear eyebrow lady was waxing off more and more each visit! EEK! I can barely hold my hand still enough to put eye liner on each morning, let alone attempt to draw in eyebrows!

It was then I made the executive decision to cease and desist all future brow waxing appointments. I mean how hard can it be to just tweeze those puppies whenever you see a rogue hair right?


I thought I could simply let them grow in a bit and then tweeze the few stray hairs growing out of line. Instead I managed to keep my left brow looking pretty sharp while mangling my right brow all to hell.

The only choice I had was to let them grow in....and I mean GROW IN. Old school style. You know, before the thought of tweezing/waxing those puppies ever popped into my head (freshman year of high school).

So there I am, back in 8th grade, with two bushy manly eyebrows.

(not to worry friends...I was still maintaining the non uni-brow...even in 8th grade I knew that was plain wrong)

Last week I was sitting at a stop light and happened to peer into the rear view mirror. What I saw made my heart jump for joy! The stubborn spot over my right baby blue, which I had apparently over tweezed to the point of possible never growing another hair, had sprouted!!!!

I went home. Got the tweezers out. Calmly sat down in front of the mirror and shaped my brows.

I'M BACK BABY!!!! No more Groucho Marx!!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


note: this photo has nothing to do with this post. just a little snap from our Saturday night...pre drunk dial to the boss man

I go through phases of domesticness. (yes, it is a my book) Currently I'm feeling not so domestic.

I haven't tried a new recipe in far too long.

My home is definitely not as tidy as I would like.

The upstairs guest bedroom (aka: smallest room ever) has officially been transformed into my very own walk in closet. Although in no way shape or form is it organized....picture clothes scattered over the bed. All clean but most certainly not folded...anymore (due to me tossing them around daily in attempt to throw something fabulous together for work)

Today I told Kitty that was going to come home, take my nail polish off, make dinner, clean the bathrooms then repaint my nails.

Wanna know what I did?

Came home, finished my book club book (Sleeping Arrangements by Madeleine Wickham), ate dinner (that Stone cooked), finished another book I was almost done with then blogged.

What the hell woman!?!?!? I need to snap out of it and pull myself together!


clean bathrooms....ASAP

attempt to brew the "Hibiscus Tea" recipe I have been meaning to brew for two weeks

dust, dust, dust and dust some more

fold/hang clothes cluttering up the guest bedroom

There. Since I have listed these things here it will force me to get real and get moving! No slacking off now that the world wide web knows my bathrooms are dirty and my shelves dusty.

note: perhaps I will wear the new apron Katie Jean got me whilst in my state of domestic bliss???


Ever since last Tuesday two things have happened:

1. I have become and still remain an anti-dentite. (this you already knew)

2. Everyday after lunch (at work) I have been brushing my teeth. I went to Target, got a little travel toothbrush/toothpaste kit which are now tucked away in my desk drawer. Oh, I also picked up a teeny little bottle of that stuff has got a KICK!


Obviously the brushing of my teeth after lunch has it's perks: fresh breath, clean teeth etc. But I would be lying if I said I didn't do it mostly because I enjoy the additional 5-7 minutes tacked on to my lunch break each day. hee hee!


What happens when you combine an afternoon of day boozing, a decision to go out to the bars, a shot of some unknown liquor and hanging out with the most unlucky friend you know?

You drunk dial your boss.

Yup, that's what I did on Saturday night. Actually it was technically Sunday morning. (2:06am to be exact)

In my defense, I thought I was calling my unlucky friend's cell phone. He thought he lost his phone so I called it for him in hopes a nice person had found it and would return it to us/him. Unluckily for me, my friend and my boss have the same name....Andy.

Boss: Hello?

Court: Hi, who is this?

Boss: Andy.

Court: Um, Andy WHO? (I'm still thinking I called my friend Andy's phone)

Boss: Andy ____. Courtney....YOU CALLED ME.

Court: Oh! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Um yeah.....well......I'm out with my friends so I better get going!

Boss: Good bye.

Court: click (I hung up the phone and immediately phoned mi Madre to inform her of the hilariously awkward situation I just put myself in....she too thought it was hilarious)

Luckily I work for a pretty laid back company so everyone has gotten a good laugh about it this morning.

ps: We found his cell phone on our kitchen table when we got home....good one.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I'm 97% sure I saw a woman drinking one of these one the drive into work today....

Who needs coffee when wine now comes in this handy little to go pouch!?!?!?!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hi. My name is Courtney. I'm an addict.

Did I ever tell you that Twilight ruined my life?

It did.....

....for about 1.5 months.

Nothing Stone did was good enough. If he made a sweet gesture towards me, in the back of my mind I would think, "Edward would've done it better. Sweeter. More romantic."

I was actually mad at Stone for not being a gorgeous vampire! How dare he woo me into a marriage, then turn out to be some plain old human being. THE NERVE!

I finally broke down, confessing my dark secret to Abby, my childhood friend (while watching the previews before "He's Just Not That Into You" I could only do it while surrounded by the dark blanket/buffer the movie theater provided me). RELIEF! JOY! Twilight ruined her life as well! She too couldn't believe Andrew, her husband, turned out to be a regular old MAN.

It feels good to know I'm not alone. That others out there suffer the same sickness...and yes, it is a sickness.

(Just tonight I was informed (by Kitty) of another friend fallen prey to this sick twisted illness. The new sufferer is only on book 2. BOOK 2!!!! She doesn't even now that she'll only get pulled in further and further the more she reads.)

There is a light at the end of this dark tunnel. Slowly the effects of Twilight wear off. They do, I promise. I relapse every few weeks. (you know, internet stalking a certain British actor who's name rhythms with shmobert shmattinson) The time between my relapses is getting longer. I know I'll pull through this with the love and support of my friends and family......

....but then Midnight Sun will come out someday and I'll be right back were I started!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Asi Asi


That is how I feel about this movie. Not bad, not great, but definitely misrepresented in the previews. AKA: not as much of a comedy as I had expected.

If you get free passes (which we did....THANK YOU Katie Jean!) then I say "YES!" go see it. Otherwise, wait for DVD.


Friday night Kitty and I popped into our local 21st Amendment for a few Hefeweizens. The employees at this particular location are ID sticklers. Knowing this, I go ahead and pass my ID over before the gentleman asks for it.

FYI: My drivers license photo is not necessarily current. I have chin length blonde hair in it. (I currently have shoulder length brown hair-with an auburn tint-and Friday I wore it curly)

The employee looks from me to my ID, back to me then to my ID and then back to me.

Court: "It's me I promise"

Booze Man: "I don't know about this?????" (as he looks over to Kitty)

Kitty: "It really is her."

The employee looks at me then my ID then me then my ID. THEN he points at Kitty with my ID.....

Booze Man: "Well, you look trust worthy. I'll take your word for it."

Really???? The things I learn about myself from random liquor store employees!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Saturday Katie Jean and I were sipping on Pomegranate Margaritas at a restaurant called Kincaid's.

(We also had Sweet Potato Fries and Seared Scallops wrapped in Salmon....every afternoon from 3-7pm they have half price drinks and appetizers.)

The bar had about 10-15 bar top tables, which after about an hour were all empty except for the one we occupied. It was then that two of the restaurant's managers sat a table (RIGHT NEXT TO US!) and proceeded to have a mock dining experience.

One of the servers came up, introduced himself, ASKED IF THEY HAD EVER BEEN TO THE RESTAURANT BEFORE (yes, this really happened), took their drink orders (mojito for one gent-pomegranate margarita for the other) and asked if they were interested in any appetizers. To this the two "customers" asked the server what he suggested. The server then went through a whole list of what he "loved", but in the end highly recommended the Teriyaki Beef Medallions.

The "customer's" drinks were brought was sent back. YES, they actually sent something back IN THEIR OWN RESTAURANT!!!!! They also complained that, among other things, the beef medallions were "a bit chewy".

(When I told my dad that one, he said the server should have suggested they take it up with his manager. ha!)

By this time Katie and I were 100% uncomfortable/unable to focus on our own conversation. We were openly staring at the awkwardness next to us.

The cherry on top to the absurd charade?....the server went so far as to tell the "customers" how happy he was that they came in and that he would be right back with their check.

I wonder if they tipped him.....

Un-related Sidenote:

I went to the dentist tonight.

I have officially become an anti-dentite.

No, I don't want to talk about it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Shirt Monday!!!!

Check out the sweet little top Stone got me today from this etsy shop!!! girly and fresh. I can't wait to wear it about town this summer!

I've also been drooling over this little gem from here.....

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Next Monday might be "New Dress Monday"!?!?!?!?!?!

(note: it's currently out of stock, but you better believe I put my name down to be alerted when they get more.)

You're a ______.

Sometimes I wonder how it's possible that I have not driven Stone stark raving mad yet.

Here are a couple of examples of conversations we have had:

C: Stone try this spicy tuna roll, it's really good.
S: I don't doesn't look too fresh to me.....
C: You don't look to fresh to me!


C: Hey don't you think this candle smells good?
S: smells kind of like old granny.
C: YOU smell like old granny!

Are you seeing a trend????

I'm slightly absurd most of the time.

In the history of our relationship, the end all be all greatest "You're a ____." happened while Stone, Katie Jean and I were driving back from Windsor.

(I was only 18 at the time and thanks to those crazy Canadians I was legally able to booze)

So there we are, driving down the highway, when I saw and old ramshackled building.

"Hey Stone, what do you think that is?" I asked. "It looks to me like a slaughter-house." he replied.

"NO, YOU'RE a slaughter-house."

I couldn't pass it up! Stone pitches under hand to me and I knock'em out of the park!!!!!

(it must be noted.....soon after that comment, Stone pulled into a rest stop and threatened to leave me there.)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

damn that DIY Network!

I love my husband.

However, if he doesn't stop watching that damn DIY Network I might have to resort to drastic measures! He keeps coming up with crazy "quick fix" things to do to our humble home. I have had to veto a few......

Example: We have an entire wall in our basement covered with shelves (holding random odds and ends that we have no room for upstairs and only use every once in awhile). Stone hates the shelves, I don't mind them. He came up to me one day and said he was going to take down the shelves using the circular saw his parents got him for his b-day. I said "absolutely not, you will most certainly cut your hand off in the process." Case closed. The shelves are still up.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a DIY project....if it is done well.

The latest "episode" (not tv episode, Stone episode) was Stone purchasing sod for a few spots in our front and back yards that are less than pretty.

When it rains our backyard turns into a small lake. It honestly wouldn't shock me if I saw a squirrel in a teeny tiny boat paddling across the yard after a storm. (the squirrels in our backyard are scary smart) Add to that the fact that The Bitch's toilet facility is our backyard, it makes for a killer combo....literally

Yesterday I get a phone call from Stone informing me he would be purchasing/laying sod that afternoon. I got kind of excited. I've seen a gorgeous sod covered lawn and I was looking forward to our yard being the same way.

Man oh man I was wrong.

I get home, walk to the back door, glance at the yard and am horrified at what I see. A yellow and brown slimy mess covering a large chunk of our backyard. Now I'm no horticulturist but I know what sod looks like, plush, green....makes you want to walk barefoot over it, and what was in our yard was NOT that.

C: "What the hell man?"

S: "I know I know. I got it half off though." (he throws this in because he knows I love a bargain)

C: "UMMMMM.....So what your telling me is the landscaper gave you a deal on dead grass?"

S: "It's not all dead, just some parts."

C: "It looks pretty much all dead to me and correct me if I'm wrong but sod shouldn't smell like that."

S: "Like what? It's not supposed to smell good."

C: "It's supposed to smell like dirt not rotting vegetables!"

S: "Yeah, I did notice something funky. I'm gonna give it a couple more days though."

C: "To die all the way????"

S: (smirk) "Pretty much."

C: "FYI, you can no longer say anything about my frivolous purchases. I think buying dead grass pretty much takes the cake."

S: "Touche"

I would share a photo, but it is so bad I'm embarrassed.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

new clue

Stone got me (us) a new camera this past weekend. I'm pretty pumped about it.

I've been asking (bugging) him about it for a bit.

I love my "point and shoot" little digital camera, but I really wanted something that we could use for a long time and that would do a fine job in documenting our lives.

Essentially, I'm sick and tired of our photos either being washed out due to too much flash or a funny candid shot being missed because of the extreeeeeeme deeeeellllllaaaaaay of my "point and shoot".

So far I have just been taking random pictures of Matilda (got a great one of her in motion, mid-leap for her rubber fishy) and/or of things around the house. Case in point, the daffodils up top that mi Madre got me.

(She bought a bunch for me, my sister-in-law and Kitty last Saturday. Isn't she the best!)

note: I have no clue how to make the pictures bigger (when I load them on to my computer). ha! There is a software disk that came with the camera that I have yet to load on my computer...hopefully that and finishing up reading the manual will help me NOT remain clueless.


In an attempt to prove to Stone that if/when I am a stay at home mom I will have a thriving vegetable garden (I can't wait to yell, "Stone, can you grab me a pepper from the back yard?" hee hee!) I have purchased, potted and started loving (aka: watering) my very first tomato plant.

I had no clue there were so many varieties of tomatoes! Standing in the store looking at all the different types I zeroed in on the one we were to purchase.

It's a little variety called "Big Beef"...which I picked strictly because the name made me laugh.

To inform Stone that I had decided on the tomato plant for us I yelled out "BIG BEEF!!!!!!" in the middle of the store.

Sometimes I forget where I'm at......

Monday, April 6, 2009

who knew?

Apparently Stone is a music producer/aspiring singer.

I know. It's as much a surprise to me as it is to you.

On Saturday night while driving to dinner Miley Cyrus' new song (I believe it is "Climb") came on a local radio station. "Ugh! This is terrible. Completely amateur. It's like she is waiting for the moment to really actually start singing." (a particularly strained high note rings out) "Oh, I would not have used that take of that note. GEEZ! I've heard karaoke better than this. Hell, your brother could sing this better than her." Stone says to me.

"Hey, I think CJ has a pretty decent voice!" I argue.

"He does but he's no professional."

"I notice you didn't throw yourself into that terrible karaoke crew that sounds better than Miss Cyrus......."

"Oh, I'm in that crew. However, the difference is that with a few months of training I could really kick ass as a singer."

Sooooooo.......We are looking for Stone's album to drop in 2010......See you at the Grammys!!!!!

completely unrelated sidenote:

I totally used the word "abreast" in a professional conversation today....and immediately died laughing. ha!

Friday, April 3, 2009


I'm off to bask in the glory of my weekend, but first I had to share something.

Someone (my sister-in-law Jennie) forwarded me an email with the subject line "VERY CUTE". In the email I found photos of animals being sweet/doing silly things. Tucked in between these "very cute" photos was this:

What kind of sick person thinks this photo is "very cute"!??!?!

I'm most certainly going to have nightmares tonight starring this pigtailed mutt!


right up my alley

Look at this cute wooden "read" wall/shelf decoration from this etsy shop !!!!

I'm pretty sure it was made with me in mind! hahahah!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

calling names.....

Our local Humane Society names all of the puppies born in their facility. I'm sure they do this assuming the adoptive families will keep the puppy's name as is.

Not us.

When we got our little Matilda, we actually had our eye on another pup. Her name was Betsy. Upon arriving to the Humane Society and after a thorough wash of the hands/dipping of our shoes in bleach water (you gotta keep those pups free of germs!) we were taken back to where the puppies were kept.
Betsy was snuggled up in the arms of another......she was taken.

Stone and I walked around for a bit, checking out the other pups. We decided Betsy's brothers and sisters were by far the cutest dogs in town. I of course pointed at two little guys that were curled up next to each other napping.

C:"Stone, look how cute they are! What about one of those!?!?!!"
S:"No way man! Those dogs look half dead." (I know, a bit his defence his parents' puppy had just died from Parvo so he was hyper sensitive about lethargic pups)
C:"Well then YOU pick."
S:"What about that one" (pointing to a rather spunky pup, in fact the only puppy in the entire "puppy wing" that wasn't resting or sleeping. It was bouncing up and down attempting to climb out of the pen)
C:"You want that dog!?!?! That one right there? The spastic one?"
S:"Heck yeah!"

We called the worker over and pointed out the pup. The worker informed us her name was Bijou.

Bijou???....not a bad name, just not our future puppy's name

We had to come back the next day to actually complete the adoption. While filling out the paper work the young lady overseeing our adoption asked us if we were keeping the puppy's name as is.

C: "No. We are naming her Matilda."

Worker: "MATILDA!?!?!? That is the most hideous name ever."

I swear, it took all of my might not to climb over that desk and slap her. Nobody talks about MY dog like that!....THE NERVE!

Not to worry, I was able to get control over myself and not resort to violence. I did however give her the stink eye throughout the rest of our adoption proceedings.


Shout out to the birthday girl! Stone's mom, Sue. (she doesn't read this blog but totally still deserves b-day love!)

ALSO, I thought I would share a photo of the cute little diddy I found (or rather Katie Jean found) last Saturday. I think it actually would've been a crime to pass up.

Can't wait to bounce around town in this little's so flirty!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

All Over The Place

***How am I supposed to hate Styrofoam when it does such a damn good job keeping my beverage cold!?!?!?!

***The trees sprouted little green buds overnight. It got me thinking about the warm weather heading our way. I can't to have tons-o-fun in the sun!!!!

This is my favorite picture from our engagement party (it was an all day cookout/pool party-hence the pool) My sister actually took two pictures of us in this "pose". The one right before this was fine-no splash, but I like this one better. That Canon Rebel really can snap those pictures quick!

***I finished what I am "Currently Reading" (as noted along the side of my blog). should probably go out and purchase this book. Right now.

***Below you will find a photo of me and my sister when I was just a wee little babe (she is 13 years older than me). I love many things about this photo. The obvious: it's a sweet moment caught forever in photo for us to look back at and smile. That said, here is what I really love about it:

1)Heather (my sister) has on knee high stockings with shorts

2)I have on what appear to be teeny tiny Nikes....for all the running I was most certainly doing at the ripe old age of 10months.

3)Heather has the most bitchin feathered hair do EVER