Saturday, April 19, 2014


i've been baking....

......spice cake with homemade cinnamon whipped cream

playing peekaboo..... could i resist this sweet face

giggling with this sweet boy.... could i resist when his giggles are so contagious 

i'm nearing the six month mark on being at home with my boys and i feel like i am where i am supposed to be
sure there are days when i feel like shutting myself in the bathroom and crying 
but i'm blaming winter and lingering baby hormones 
(i shed a tear at an episode of Sofia The First the other day....must get a grip)
i'm so thankful for each day with them
the chance to giggle and play and make memories
it's pretty great 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

my aha moment

every night when i lay down in bed
i like to reflect on the day
i thank the gods for all of my blessings
and each night i pray for more patience
my lack of patience is my biggest struggle as a mother
the other day i was chatting with my sister about mr. henry being a wild man
she said, "isn't it funny when they act like kids....."
cue 'aha moment'
after gus was born henry seemed so much older! (i mean, he and i have full blown conversations!)
but he isn't
he is still just a toddler
a toddler who is having to share is momma and dad with someone else now
i imagine he is feeling just as frustrated as me sometimes
he will throw fits
he will only eat one thing on his dinner plate
he will take out every single toy he owns and leave them scattered about our bungalow
all too soon i will blink and he really will be much older
....and then i will be chatting (read: crying) with my sister about where the time went!