Tuesday, April 8, 2014

my aha moment

every night when i lay down in bed
i like to reflect on the day
i thank the gods for all of my blessings
and each night i pray for more patience
my lack of patience is my biggest struggle as a mother
the other day i was chatting with my sister about mr. henry being a wild man
she said, "isn't it funny when they act like kids....."
cue 'aha moment'
after gus was born henry seemed so much older! (i mean, he and i have full blown conversations!)
but he isn't
he is still just a toddler
a toddler who is having to share is momma and dad with someone else now
i imagine he is feeling just as frustrated as me sometimes
he will throw fits
he will only eat one thing on his dinner plate
he will take out every single toy he owns and leave them scattered about our bungalow
all too soon i will blink and he really will be much older
....and then i will be chatting (read: crying) with my sister about where the time went!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

i could spend all day smooching gus

i could
don't even get me started on how much i love his milk breath

(photos by www.hrwphoto.com)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

wrinkle release

so......i'm 30, pushing 31
i think i might be a grown up 
i don't wear lipstick 
or a bra
but i decided it's time to start getting serious about my skin
fine lines and wrinkles are now a reality
a reality i am happy to greet with a smile
which apparently just adds more fine lines and wrinkles
(c'est la vie)
i've been trying out RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream

i can't tell if it's erasing my crows feet
but i do feel oh so very grown up when i put it on
so there's always that.....

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

must have

i'm a sucker for pretty much anything striped
couple that with chunky baby legs
and you've got me sold

baby gus is going to need these asap!

Monday, January 27, 2014

1 for 2

did you know there is a product sold in stores called 'your breastfriend'?
i'm sure it's wonderful and does/is everything is says it will be...and more
but really?
your BREASTfriend?
i can't handle it
but that's neither here nor there
in the short time i nursed henry, i remember wondering if/when it would ever feel like his tiny mouth wasn't lined with razor blades
i had to mentally pump myself up to put that sweet boy to my boob
i attribute my lack of success in nursing henry to new mom anxiety and not listening to my instincts
i decided to approach nursing gus with a positive casual attitude
if it worked it worked
if it didn't it didn't
each baby is different
why should i have the same problems with one that i did with the other......
gus is a boob guy
i mean seriously
this kid likes to nurse
and other than feeling like i have my shirt off 82% of the time
i am happy

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

the cold

each year winter crawls into my heart and digs her claws in
planting seeds of restlessness, melancholy and doubt
i'm cranky and sleepy and emotional
every year it happens
and every year i'm surprised by it
surprised by how the change of season brings on a change in me
a week or so before 'the great snow storm of 2014' we had a 50 (almost 60) degree day
henry and i took a bike ride to the park and relished our time in the sunshine
breathing in the crisp air as the sun warmed our limbs
he ran around and around and around yelling 'look how fast i go momma!'
and just like that.....
winter lost her grip on my heart

Monday, January 13, 2014

i love it when....

henry gives me an unexpected hug or kiss
an old favorite song comes on the radio
a friend pops by for an unexpected visit
gus looks at me and then breaks into a wide grin
the laundry is toasty warm out of the dryer
dinner is cooking on the stove, making our bungalow smell delish
henry asks me to sings songs from tangled with him (and he holds my hand while we sing)
i catch stone tearing up at something unexpected like a commercial or news story
gus coos and giggles
i have a good hair day
a stranger smiles at my boys
henry uses his manners
our bungalow is clean and toys are (mostly) put away...they are never all put away
we are with our families
i start a book and immediately know it is going to be good
gus is fresh out of the bath and smells like a little slice of heaven (henry smells lovely too....but there is just something about a chunky baby covered in baby powder)
i have a great conversation with a friend
stone gets home from work and henry runs to see him
i give a gift to someone and they really love it, it's so awesome to find that perfect something for someone
henry eats all of his dinner
i get a letter in the mail
i get all green lights on the drive to my parents' house
the leaves first start to grow on the trees in the springtime
.....mostly i love it when my boys are happy and we had a good day full of giggles and fun