Monday, October 31, 2011

He turned 1....O-N-E!!!!!!!

We had our Mr. Henry's 1st birthday party at home in our backyard.
Mother Nature was a peach and made the day crisp and sunny.
BBQ, cupcakes and pumpkin cheesecake parfaits were on the menu.
We are so lucky to have amazing family and friends.....I hope Henry knows how much he is loved.
(photos by my amazing sister)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

pardon my french.....

holy shit, I have a one year old!!!
more on Mr. Henry's happy birthday (and party) tomorrow.....
(the birthday boy checking out his 'hidden cupcake surprise' at the breakfast table)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

one year ago today

One year ago today my water broke while I was at work.
(and by 'broke' I mean burst and by 'burst' I mean literally in my leggins ballooned out and there was a splash)
So yeah, one year ago today my water 'broke' while I was at work.
Did I ever tell you that?
Well it did, and it was hilarious.
Shocking....but hilarious.
Twenty or so hours later, Henry was born.
My sweet boy who I can't imagine my life without. The boy I know, with every fiber of my being, I was born to be his momma.
Tomorrow he turns one.
(2 week old Henry)

brrrr....and it's only the beginning

It's turned cold here.
Cold and rainy....never a good combo.
I know it is coming every year, and every year I act surprised. As if by some miracle one year it will stay 75 and sunny throughout the entire winter. (wouldn't that be lovely)
All I want to do is snug-a-bug with my boys, drink hot tea (or a skinny vanilla latte if Stone is so inclined to go pick me up one), read my favorite books, snug-a-bug with my boys, watch movies and cook home and heart warming foods.
Did I mention snug-a-bug with my boys? That Mr. Henry is one super snuggler and I love is Stone, but he tells me my hot body (not 'hot' hot, but temperature hot) makes him overheat. The nerve!
PS: check out this big boy.....he was sneaking a peek at the peeps on our block getting ready for 'Blocktober Fest'...the block party our street has every year. this year the weather was beautiful!

Monday, October 10, 2011

universe...throw me a bone

with this yellow vintage biergarten picnic table attached to it
please and thank you.
PS: seriously....if anyone by chance has one laying around or knows where I can purchase one (for under $ thank you NapaStyle) I would be over the moon

Monday, October 3, 2011

why i love him?....because he makes me laugh

stone when we were in italy...ages ago
i bought a bunch of black grapes the other day. i washed them, took them off the stem(s) and placed them in the fridge....all set to snack upon.
i was munching on a few of said tasty grapes, when the following conversation happened.....
court: i like these grapes, but they kinda leave a film in my mouth
stone: those aren't grapes
court: um, yes they are....they're black grapes
stone: well that explains a lot. all week i've been trying to figure out why those big blueberries taste like grapes
he is just so utterly absurd sometimes it makes me fall for him all over again.