Sunday, September 29, 2013


i've been feeling nostalgic lately 
(i can't imagine why!?)
browsing through a few photos of henry tonight
i came across this one from his two year shoot 

(we are big smoochers around here and i  could smooch this boy till the cows come home)

i miss how little he was when this photo was taken
his face seems so much more boyish now
that baby roundness is starting to go away 
i guess people are right when they say being a mother is heartbreakingly wonderful 
i'm so thankful my sweet boy is healthy and growing
but it is not without a little heartbreak that i gaze at these photos 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

favorite 'henry word' of the moment


as in.....

'i got my hair cut yesterweek!'

Sunday, September 8, 2013


at night
when i feel the kick kick kick of this little one growing inside me
i feel peace
my fears ease
fears about being the mother of two
fears for how henry is going to adjust
sadness over our time as three coming to a close
will i love two as i have loved one?
will henry know it is because of him we are bringing this new life into the world?
he brought us so much joy how could we not give him a forever friend? 
so many questions 
and then.....
kick kick kick

(photo by hrw photo)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

so i threw a fit....

you know that scene in the movie 'this is 40'
when the daughter is in her closet screaming because nothing fits her?
that was me today
it wasn't pretty
and i'm not proud of it
thankfully target came to the rescue with a cute pair of leggings
you know what else i'm not proud of?
changing in to said leggings whilst parked in front of my friend's house before going inside for a baby shower

pregnant belly + steering wheel = super awkward wardrobe change