Wednesday, January 28, 2015


i have lots of moments
happy moments
'aha' moments
sad moments
thankful moments
overwhelmed moments
'what the hell' moments
tired moments
today i had a 'what the hell' moment
this happens to me most often when things are going just the way i had planned/hoped/thought....
and then out of nowhere they aren't going just the way i had planned/hoped/thought...
henry was elbows deep in a mental breakdown over not being able to eat PEZ out of the leonardo TMNT dispenser 
(the struggle is real)
that then turned into a full blown melt down about this and that and everything in between 
(silently rage while driving home)
it's in these quiet moments that i tend to have my 'aha moments' 
'aha' he is 4 
'aha' maybe he is just as frustrated as me
'aha' life isn't perfect 
'aha' this is parenthood 
and then i have a collision of thankful and overwhelmed moments 
my life
our life
and holy shit it's crazy and confusing and wonderful and everything in between 
and maybe it would be easier another way 
but then.....
it's the crazy and confusing and definitely the everything in between that makes it so wonderful