Tuesday, September 20, 2011

no photo for this post, because it would be....weird

the scene: CVS Pharmacy
the why: waiting on Henry's antibiotic to be filled (double ear infections)
begin scene:Henry had a seriously pee'd up diaper so we meandered on in to the restroom to change it. After said diaper was changed I realized I was about to have some seriously pee'd up jeggings if I didn't take care of business.
dilemma: no where to put the Mr. while I take a tinkle
The baby changing station was outside of the stall so I couldn't leave him on it, which honestly I wouldn't do if it were in the stall since he is on.the.move and would bust his head.
There wasn't a purse hook in the stall and call me crazy but I am 100% anti putting my person on the dirty public restroom floor.
SO.....there I am holding the baby, who I am using as a sort of 'damn' to hold back the rather large suitcase heaved on to my back that I call a purse, hovering taking a tinkle. (sorry for the visual, but that is what this post is about and I don't put these buns on a public toilet!)
moral of the story: pee before you leave home....or find a way to always have mi madre with me. not only would it be a blast, but bathroom breaks would be a breeze!

Monday, September 19, 2011

random thought....

Stone, Henry and I were lounging around the other day, chatting about a little bit of this and that, when I had a thought...

there aren't really a lot of old ladies named Courtney
at least that I know of.
So am I gonna be one of those old birds with a child's name? Like Gracie or Lizzie or Maggie.....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the goings on in our bungalow

Oh hey there.
Nothing major going on over here....
unless you would considering HENRY TAKING HIS FIRST STEPS major!!!!!!!
(which I do!)
He has been cruising around the furniture in our bungalow for probably the last month
and yesterday while at my sister's house he decided it was high time he took four to five steps!!!
She of course got it on video....because she is awesome like that.
He walked for Stone and me a bunch last night too!....only as long as we had a treat in our hands though. I guess teaching a baby to walk is like training a dog?....or maybe that's just our silly child? Either way we'll take it!
We are so proud of our Mr. Henry!!!!
(photos by said awesome sister. check out her website www.hrwphoto.com .....if you live in Indy you should probably have her take some family photos for you because you.will.love.them.)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

a few things....

1. I think tartar sauce is the worst
2. my 'secret movie' is Waterworld starring Kevin Costner
3. I'm pretty sure I have an addiction to cute dishes
4. I sometimes get nervous I am not a good momma
5. my husband is my light
6. The Shawshank Redemption, Titanic, The Notebook and The Last Samuri are 4 movies (that I can think of) that I seriously balled my eyes out while watching....might've even sniffled while in the theater for a couple
7. I only wash my hair twice a week (Tuesdays & Fridays)
8. I miss the weight of my pregnant belly
9. I cry at commercials all.the.time
10. I love to have my arm tickled
11. if I were a bird I would be a hawk...because my dad loves them and always spots them
12. I like the smell of skunks....not in a oh I want my house to smell like that kind of a way, but in a if I'm driving down the road and get a whiff for a few seconds it doesn't bother me kind of a way