Monday, November 24, 2008

pipe down....

Don't get me wrong, I like babies......What I don't like is when someone brings their infant or toddler to a wedding and then proceeds to let them cry through the ENTIRE CEREMONY!


You can't get up and take your fussy child outside or to the restroom or SOMETHING!?!?!?!

I highly doubt that when the bride and groom invited you to their wedding they had envisioned your screaming child to be the only thing that could be heard on their wedding video.

It's a shame.....

On the plus side, the wedding reception that followed the daycare gone wrong of a wedding ceremony we went to was AMAZING!


*My boxes for Operation Christmas Child turned out pretty cute....TOOT! TOOT! (sometimes it doesn't hurt to toot your own horn!)

*We went to a new bar near our house called Brothers and it is SMOKE FREE!!! Nothing against all the smokers out there but sometimes you just really stink up my life. The cig smoke clings to my shampoo fresh hair like white on rice and it REALLY UPSETS ME!

*I am guilty of being a sloth on Sunday, but I don't care. I took one of the greatest naps of my life. No joke....I turned the boob tube to the Hallmark channel, curled up under a warm blanket and slipped off into dream land. It...was....bliss

Friday, November 21, 2008

check it twice!

Starting tonight I will officially be running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

(note: I've always thought that saying to be pretty nasty and yet I still use it)

To Do List:

*Finish up my shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child (

*Buy the fixins for Thanksgiving dinner. Stone and I are hosting his family at our house again this year. Last year was our first time hosting THE BIG DAY. This year I have decided to BE PREPARED and have made a check list of items to purchase and then also a check OFF list of things I need to do the day of. Hopefully this year will not be a repeat of last year's madness (picture me frantically bouncing around in the kitchen attempting to get all the food done at the same time...which didn't happen)

*Decide on the table decorations for Thanksgiving/purchase needed items if I don't already have's all about the presentation people!!!!

We are also going to a wedding this weekend. I personally LOVE weddings. For the obvious reasons of course: two people in love are joining their lives together forever (hopefully) and we are there to celebrate with them. BUT, the REAL reason that I absolutely jump for joy upon receiving a wedding invitation in the mail is this:

Stone turns into a madman on the dance floor and it is THE GREATEST THING EVER!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ooh it's so good!

Stone recently added text messaging to his cell phone plan....welcome to the 2008! This equals he is officially "text crazy".

We recently had a little tiff (you know what you did)....So I'm sitting at work the next morning and my cell phone starts dancing across my desk informing me that I HAVE RECEIVED A TEXT.

I pause before I pick the phone up and think to myself...If Stone is sending me an "apology text" I just might have to slap him when I see him. You DO NOT say I'm sorry via text....nor do you send any of the following via text:

My (insert family member's name) died today

I'm sorry your (insert family member's name) died today

I don't think we should be together anymore

I haven't talked to you in so long! We should get together!

I love you (if you are saying it for the first time DO NOT SAY IT VIA TEXT!)


Where was I????

Oh yeah, so my cell phone was doing a jiggidy jig, I pick it up and it IS a text from Stone:

"What do you think about Mama Carolla's for dinner on Wed.?"

Well played Stone, well played.

The quickest way to this gals heart is through her stomach.

sidenote: THANK YOU Mama Carolla's for filling my tummy with the best lasagna EVER. Seriously there is nothing like it. I wish I could lift one of the many layers of goodness, crawl inside, wrap myself in the ricotta-mozzarella-marinara heaven and take a's THAT good

Monday, November 17, 2008

Dear Urban Outfitters,

I hate to sound ungrateful.... you DID bring me great joy this weekend when I was able to purchase my sweater boots/slippers to keep my tootsies warm. (please see the photo below) Matilda wishes she had some...her little tootsies need warming too!.

However, in order to get these awesome slippers I had to make an hour long trek down to Bloomington because you refuse to open a store in MY TOWN.

Do you not like us folks in Indianapolis? We like you!

We like you so much that whenever we do venture to another town where you have planted roots our first thought is "when can we visit our friend Urban!?!?!"

Chicago, Cincinnati, Bloomington.....clearly you like the Midwest, but just not us?

I have to tell you it just plain hurts! Is Indianapolis "the stinky kid" that no one wants to sit by on the bus????


Holding Out Hope

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Meet main squeeze, my hubs.

He makes me smile.....oh how I love him so!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008


A little snapshot of my next shoe purchase. I have no clue what I will be wearing them with but damn it I will find SOMETHING!!!! They are too cute to pass up!!!

sidenote: I asked my sweet friend Katie (aka: Baby Peach or Kitty) to buy them for me but she informed me she is NOT my sugar momma THE NERVE!......guess who doesn't get to borrow these sweet kicks once I get them!!!! hmmmph!

HAPPY FRIDAY! new shirt though (sadface)


top 3 reasons why I feel good today:

1. last night I purchased my sister-in-law Amy one of her Christmas presents....she wanted a new winter coat and thanks to Old Navy and their "50% off outerwear sale" I got it CHEAP! Man I love a bargain!

2. I had an especially tasty asiago cheese bagel w/veggie cream cheese for breakfast this morning....thank you Panera!

3. last night while watching the boob tube Stone played with my hair and I didn't even have to ask him! HE JUST DID IT!

It's the little things in life that make this gal happy!

OH!...and added bonus Matilda (who we fondly refer to as "The Bitch") has stopped piddling on the floor due to excitement when I get home. I mean I am VERY flattered that the site of her Momma brings her such joy she can't hold the pee in any longer BUT.....the clean up (thank God we don't have carpet) had gotten annoying.

Speaking of "The Bitch" is a shot of her looking oh so regal!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I have "problems"....

I have problems with buying things I want but don't need. Problems with buying things that are cute but not practical. Problems with buying the same shirt in 3 different colors....which equals I then technically wear a uniform. Problems with buying something JUST because it is on sale and it is plain WRONG to pass up a bargain! Problems with buying lip gloss because it says if I wear it I will have oh so sexy plump lips, but in reality I know that I will wear that lip gloss for two weeks and then go back to my coconut flavored chap stick because I don't have to look in a mirror to put that on. I DEFINITELY have problems with boots. I LOVE LOVE LOVE boots. Tall boots, short boots any kind of boot....I LOVE THEM ALL! Except for boots with fringe on them...I don't do fringe.

Here is my latest "problem":

photo from UrbanOutfitters

I REALLY REALLY REALLY want this bag. Problem is, I don't need this bag. I have so many overnight bags that you would think I never spent a night in my own home! But look at it!!!! How can I not get this bag???...there is even a large bag with wheels that matches it! A SET!!!! I can't pass up a luggage set! Can I???? PLUS the large bag is on SALE!!! (please see above to my problem with bargains)
Today is going to be a rough day. A day of fighting the urge to click "add to shopping cart" when I look at this bag.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Red, White & Blue

Happy Veteran's Day!

I love that my dad takes a vacation day every year on Veteran's Day so that he can go to not one but two Veteran's Day programs for his granddaughters. I remember when I was little how proud I was at the Veteran's Day program in school that MY DAD was a veteran. When the principal asked all the kids with parents who were in the armed forces to stand I got to stand proud with a big grin on my face! was great. Thank you Dad (and all veterans for that
matter) for making us proud!

I have gotten weepy each time a patriotic song has come on the radio today.

*note: It is not uncommon for me to have a simple tear spring to my eye due to the following:

watching fire works...they are so exciting

listening to loud orchestra music....ESPECIALLY when there is a church choir singing along!...whew, that is a REAL doozie for this lady!

standing up for the national anthem before a sporting event

those are just a few but BELIEVE me there are many many many more....

I just heard Celine Dion sing a tear inducing rendition of God Bless America. Do you think her fellow Canadians are upset with her for singing it?

I'm not, it was lovely.....

Monday, November 10, 2008

time and elbow grease....

I was browsing through some old photos the other day and came across this....

This is a photo of our kitchen prior to us moving into our house and making it our home. Doesn't it look sad? Nothing against the lady we bought our house from, I'm just a bit more in to COLOR and making things fun. So after time and a little elbow grease...much of that time and elbow grease came from family and friends....we finally got our house looking more like our HOME!

Here is my kitchen that I am oh so proud of! My kitchen that I cook my lovely husband and friends tasty meals in. My kitchen that friends gather in.....even though it is teeny tiny and they have the rest of the house to gather in they always end up in the kitchen. My kitchen that makes me super happy we didn't get a bigger dog because Matilda only weighs 27lbs and isn't very tall but can still reach her little paws to food I leave on the edge of the counter. (to think I actually wanted a Great Dane!) My kitchen with it's window over the sink so I can see my love while he is working in the back yard. My kitchen where I learned how to use a gas stove....almost burning my eyebrows off in the process! My kitchen that makes me smile every time I walk into it because I think of everyone who helped make it ours.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The recipe was a hit with a capital H!...if I do say so myself! I didn't even have to pump them full of wine. They just plain liked it. But wine was had (mostly by me, what can I say...that's what I do!) it is!
Creamy Chicken Swiss Casserole
*4-6 boneless skinless chicken breasts
*a slice of Swiss cheese for each piece of chicken
*1 can cream of chicken soup
*white wine
-measure in the empty soup can....1/2 the can
*1 bag Pepperidge Farm stuffing mix (the blue bag....I used about half the bag)
*1 stick melted butter
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
spray a 9x13 casserole dish with cooking spray
place the chicken breasts in the dish
put one slice of the Swiss cheese on each piece of chicken
combine the cream of chicken soup and white wine in a bowl
pour the soup and wine mixture on top of the chicken and cheese
put the Pepperidge Farm stuffing mix on top of all the other ingredients
pour the melted butter on top of the stuffing mix
bake (uncovered) in the oven for 45 minutes or until the chicken is cooked
Seriously, it tastes like THANKSGIVING!!!! Thank you to mi madre for the recipe it is officially getting added to "My Tasty Recipe File"!!!!! And thanks to my new found domesticness (is that a word?), but sadly still not goddess, my tasty recipe file is growing ever thicker!!! And so am I! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!
sidebar: Shout out to Katie Jean for helping me (aka: doing all the work) with my new blog header. I love love love it!!!!! Muah Katie!!!!! I love love love you too!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

today is the day

I will be PROUDLY wearing my "VOTE, I COUNT" (I think that is what it is supposed to say/mean) sticker ALL day.

I will be anxiously watching all the election's gonna be a nail bitter! (literally, I will most likely bite/pick my nails to pieces and then regret it the instant it happens....will I never learn!?!?!?!?)

I will be cooking a new casserole for dinner with friends. Hopefully I can pour them enough wine before we eat they won't notice if it is not as tasty as I had hoped!....sidebar: if it is as tasty as I had hoped I will post the recipe.

On a random note I would like to vent about two things:

1. Mother Nature....why do you toy with me so? It's Indiana, November and 70 degrees. That's just not right! You make me think it is spring only to turn around tomorrow with a 40 degree day and slap me with the cold cruel reality that alas I must wait 8 months for the glorious days of summer to return! Oh flip flops, sundresses, backyard barbeques and sun I miss you so!!!!!

2. Daylight Savings dirty dog. Thanks to you I am now cooped up in an office while my friend, The Sun, is out and shining bright.