Wednesday, January 30, 2013


every six months or so
i grow wary of the decor in our bungalow
not the whole house
but a room or a corner of a room

stone is familiar with this
....and loves me in-spite of it

the current focus of my loathing is our family room
but since that is too big of a fish for me to fry at the moment
i have turned my gaze to the 'long wall' in the parlor

the couch was a hasty purchase when we first bought the bungalow
and the prints are from the dining room of or beloved apartment
(oh how we loved that battered place!)

i'm hoping for crown moulding this summer
a smaller more delicate sofa
and i'm slowly collecting things to go above said dainty sofa....
such as a piece of an old mantel and old much loved (read: worn) frames

we shall see how it turns out

Monday, January 28, 2013

that time i was happy my new year's resolutions wasn't to eat healthier

so yeah
i've been living on popcorn and diet coke
and sometimes peanut m&m's....
we must not forget the peanut m&m's!

why the healthy diet?
i have seen more movies, in the theater, in the past two weeks
than i saw in the whole of 2012

 i was pleased with each movie
(yes, even parental guidance...saw that one with mi madre for her bday, because i love her)

i also recently watched 'snow white & the huntsman' with katie jean....we both felt we had been cheated out of 2 hours and 8 minutes of our lives.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

his luscious locks

i know it is silly...
but i love love love my sweet boy's retro hair
his little shag puts a smile on my face
that, and his sweet lisp
"you eyeth look pwity momma!"

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

reason #227 i love our friends

babs and katie jean were over for dinner the other night
i was telling them how the night before we had breakfast for dinner
and had a scary minute when henry choked on a piece of bacon

babs' response:

'i hope it didn't turn him off to bacon!'

(note: i am unable to find a photo of the 4 of us that isn't either a. really old or b. containing beer/wine um yeah.  always good times with katie jean and babs!)