Tuesday, August 27, 2013

make me smile

our new chair/stool for the kitchen
henry can reach the counter and help me cook
tomatoes from my brother's garden
they taste like sunshine and summer

stone and henry at dinner last night
'honk! honk!'
(thank you kitty for snapping this gem)

30 weeks

snagged this free people night gown at nordstrom rack for $1
yes, $1
i don't even care that it is big!  
it was a $1!!!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

flat hank

henry's gaga and babs
(aka: our best friends)
have been traveling the great US of A for the past year
it's been sad without them here
especially on our walks....
when we walk past their house (they live two blocks from us)
henry says 'that's gaga and babs house...they on a loooong twip'
following their blog cruzingandboozing.blogspot.com
has helped make us feel not so far from our friends
and every once in awhile a little man known as 'flat hank' makes an appearance on their trip.....

and it's down right funny to see what that little man has been up to!
recently he stopped by the town of forks
home of sexy vampires

Friday, August 2, 2013

on pregnancy weight gain

so um yeah......
i'm pregnant
26 weeks to be exact
i'm a big believer in the motto:
'if ever there is a time to gain weight, it's when i'm growing another human'
that being said
i've noticed a particular amount of 'growth' in my calves this time around
now i'm more than happy with fat calves
i'll welcome a fat calf....
just so long as it doesn't turn into the dreaded cankle
i don't feel good about a cankle
unfortunately we are approaching the 'cankle danger zone'.....

and we might as well throw in a bump shot while we're at it