Wednesday, November 28, 2012

to or not to.....

not to toot our own horn but....
the christmas card we sent out last year was pretty awesome
(photos by hrw and card design by silly me baby and design....i don't have a scanner so the photo is the proof she sent us last year.  hence the word 'proof' written across the card)
part of me sees no point in sending out a christmas card
ever again
why bother
we can't top last year's card
but the other part of me
(the part who's inner monologue is mi madre's voice)
thinks that is lame and not very festive
a card shall be sent
after all....'tis the season'
we won't even attempt to top last year
it will be simple
and star this handsome fellow
PS: i had originally thought about sending a christmas postcard, but then i got nervous someones card would arrive starring henry with a scribbled on mustache and i opted for a regular 'in an envelope' kind of card

Sunday, November 25, 2012

i took a chance

the other day i spritzed my wrist with a little
of chanel's chance eau tendre
i'm in the market for a new scent and thought maybe this could be it
i stretched my arm out to let mi madre get a whiff
what followed was her making the stink face and then informing me
'it kind of smells like a scented maxi pad.....'
the search continues

Monday, November 12, 2012

well....he's 2

i'm not sure when it happened
but somewhere along the line a year passed
and my sweet boy is two
two i say!
can you believe it?
i sure as hell can't
sometimes i think i don't have what it takes to be the kind of mom i want to be
but then i look into this sweet boy's face and he gives me strength i didn't even know i had
photos by hrw