Saturday, December 22, 2012

holiday cheers

to christmas card
or not to christmas card
that was the question

to christmas card was the answer

and this little diddy was the result

thank you to my lovely cheri for kicking ass and making these for us
note: this image is not the best quality because i am not computer savvy and have no clue how to load a pdf image to i had to go old school and use the 'Paint' program on our computer
just know that in person!
happy christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

better late than never

the problem with me and a digital camera is
i take pictures and then they sit (gathering dust?) in my camera
like for instance the photos of mr. henry on halloween
he was the littlest garden gnome
or would he be the biggest garden gnome since they tend to be about 12 inches tall?
either way.....
he rocked it

he trick or treats in my sister's neighborhood
they give the good stuff:  ring pops, king size candy bars, vampire fangs, etc.
you know, since all two year olds need a king size candy bar and vampire fangs.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

oh tannenbaum!

i'm not sure what it is about our christmas tree this year
it's the same old tree as the last 6 years
but something about it has me all misty eyed
maybe it's that i'm am loving our 'parlor' where it stands more and more
maybe it's that henry stares at it with wide eyed amazement
whatever it is
i'm loving our cozy christmas decor this year
here is a peek......

our tree in all it's glory
(including vintage coke bottles containing 'the original coke forumla'....thank you katie jean!)

i did a brown paper bag theme with a touch of sparkle for our gifts this year
thank you anthro for having boxes that go so perfectly with my theme that i didn't even need to wrap them!  a sparkly ribbon was wrapping enough

mr. nat king cole has been spinning on our record player almost non-stop this december....well him and bing

 thank you hershey kisses for being sweet enough to decorate with

i had a little craft morning the other day, using henry's foam bath time alphabet for stencils, and made this 'joy to the world' banner

introducing henry's elf on the shelf 'albus'
(yes, as in albus dumbledore from harry potter.....and yes, my child loves harry potter....and yes, i know it is not age appropriate....and yes, i am totally pumped he loves it)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

a couple of quirks

(popping bubbly on our 5yr wedding anniversary...thank you lisa!)
every couple has those little quirks that make them 'them'

i'm 92% sure that stone and i are a real pair of wackos........but i kind of love it
here are a few quirks that make us 'stone and court'

*every night we fall asleep on the couch together....even though it is so uncomfortable and we both have back aches, without fail every night after all is said and done we will take a 'nap' on the couch before going up to bed

*if one of us is being moody we'll say things to each other like, "ever since you went to the grocery store, you've changed" or "ever since you put those pj pants on you've changed" or "ever since you ate that snickers ice cream bar you've changed"

*our goal most days is to catch the other with their hands full and politely give a kidney jab (and by 'kidney jab' i mean simply tickle in the general area of the ol's a real doozy!)

*in an attempt to delude ourselves into thinking we are kind of healthy, at restaurants one of us will order water and the other will order a diet coke.  the reality is that both of us end up drinking the diet coke the entire meal.  maybe that one makes us cheapos???

*some nights stone will make a sandwich to take to work the next day for lunch.  if i happen to find it in the fridge before he leaves for work, i'll take a quick bite out of it and then put it back in the fridge.  i usually forget all about it until my phone chirps with a text from stone: "you dirty dog!!!"

oh love.  ain't it grand?