Monday, June 27, 2011

road trip

We had a lovely weekend up north in Detroit. We were in good ol Rock City visiting our lovely friends Lisa and Kyle.

This is what our weekend looked like.....

snooze-fest while holding his favorite car toy on the drive up

Lisa and Henry being silly at the festival

These photos make me laugh for the following reasons:

1. Henry is holding on for dear life

2.When I decided to hitch a ride on the same horse as Henry, not only did I get yelled at by the ride operator "You can't be on there!".... the second I hoisted myself up the young child next to us started screaming at me "WHY ARE YOU ON THERE WITH HIM!?!?!?!??! WHY? WHY? WHY?"

3.I look like one huge woman on that horse.

Thank you my dear! We had such a wonderful time with you two!!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

the dumps.....

I got off work early today.

I walked into the house to find a big ol pile of poo.

Tilda Girl is sick.

I let her outside and slowly walked throughout the rest of the house.

Our front room is chock-full of poo and puke.

(only on the rug of course....our precious pup wouldn't dream of doing it on the hardwoods, that would be too easy!)

I called Stone to tell him the news and that I didn't have the stomach to handle it.

So now I'm sitting outside on the back porch avoiding the situation all together until he gets home.

What would I do without him. He's the bee's knees.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

scary haha?

Not so sure this is the best face to make when trying to get Mr. Henry to smile.

PS: check out the palest family ever.....a lady walked up to me the first day of our vacation and said, "Oh, honey. Make sure you put sunblock are gonna burn!" Thanks lady, I got that under control. Clearly what I don't have under control are proper funny faces for a baby.

PPS: Henry had a few funny faces on this trip too.

(while meeting his great grand parents for the first time)

My child is possibly plotting world domination.....definitely 'scary haha!'

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

easy does it

I've gone and done something to my back.

I have to walk around a smidge bent over with my butt sticking out a bit and my right hip raised slightly.....let's just say I look special.

When I walked in the house this evening Stone gave me a raised eyebrow look and said,

"Uh....I don't want you to walk like that."

I said,

"Neither do I."

Then we both had a good chuckle....mine mildly painful due to the ol grandma back I got going on.

Fingers crossed I wake up tomorrow all better. Something tells me this little issue is here to stay for a spell.

PS: the back injury may or may not be from me imitating Stone's awesome dance moves to a few coworkers this afternoon....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

a conversation between husband and wife

I wear a leather cuff on my left wrist. It has a silver plate on it with 'Henry' etched in to it. My sister gave it to me for my push present....I love it.

Court- Hey, smell my bracelet.
Stone- Why? Does it smell like wrist skin?
Court- No. It smells like my perfume. (extends her wrist for him to smell)
Stone- (sniffs)
Court-Doesn't it smell good?!
Stone- Eh. It smells like a children's exhibit.
Court- What?

a post script

I totally snug-a-bugged

Monday, June 6, 2011

a berry good dinner

It's hot....and I kind of love it

(except at night when I'm sweating bullets because our bedroom is in the upstairs attic conversion which equals zero air makes me angry and when I get angry I do things like snap at Matilda to get off the bed and then I call her 'beast'....and then I laugh because I am ridiculous)

hot=we eat food cooked on the grill

(strangely enough I requested hot dogs on the grill...what is happening to me!?)

hot=fresh fruit for days (thank you Kroger for having $1 raspberries...that never happens!)

hot=lazy days in the sun


My dilemmas for today include but are not limited to:

1.What should I get Stone for father's day.

2. Should I purchase the 4 items in my 'shopping cart' on

3.Should we officially move Henry into his room?

4. What am I going to wear to Jacey's wedding this weekend.

5. If we go on a walk later, should I keep my hair in this high pony? (it's pretty high)

6. Should I give up soda....tomorrow?

7. Henry is napping....should I lay down with him and snug-a-bug?

Friday, June 3, 2011

our hump day

My boys and I went to the zoo on Wednesday.

Oh the zoo.

Not only awesome for animal is most excellent for people watching.

Oh the wild things you see at the zoo!

We skipped the dolphin show because quite frankly the thought of being sprayed with funky fish water sounds about as fun as....well being sprayed with funky fish water.

It was land animals all day for us....and they did not disappoint.

Neither did Mr. Henry with his always perfect facial expressions.

This face says to me, "Who dares to disturb me whilst I am gazing at the giraffes!?"

Yes, I definitely think my child would say 'whilst' if he were to speak to me. What can I say, he is quite the gentleman.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

1st DIY Night with the girls







Good Times

We chose this little Hex Nut Beauty as our first project:

which can be found at Honestly...WTF

In the list of "things you will need" this fellow blogger listed 'a bit of dexterity!'.....

If by 'dexterity' she meant literally growing three additional hands, then yes....this bracelet is completely do-able.

Here is how mine turned out....only after Kitty and Sara helped me by holding the braid and threading the Hex Nuts for me.

modeled by Miss Kit Kat

Can't wait for our next night!!!!!