Wednesday, June 13, 2012

since we are being honest.....

we are being honest, right?

not only do i wear the same grey t-shirt, that says 'bonjour bonjour bonjour bonjour' down the front, every other day

i also still wear my maternity jeans


they look like boyfriend jeans....and they are only 'maternity' in the back

kind of like a maternity pants mullet

the only problem is they give me saggy flat booty

and that my friend is why stone informed me last night he 'HATES those pants'

i informed him i filled them out when i was pregnant

he said that's because i was 'big booty judy then'


Tuesday, June 12, 2012


i'm not easily disgusted

but something that does in fact disgust me are those brushes, that look like paint brushes, that you use to 'paint' bbq sauce on chicken

(or any sauce/meat combo of your choice)

they give me the shivers

how do you ever get them clean?

i mean yes, you can rinse them off but i'm sure you aren't supposed to use soap on those puppies for fear of soap residue clinging to the instead you have bits-o-real panther stuck to those bristles cooking up who knows what sort of germ that you will then put on your next sauce/meat combo dinner 2-3 weeks down the road

no thank you salmonella

enter this genius little kitchen utensil:

(mine has a silicone handle too, but i couldn't find a photo of it)

you can wash it in the dishwasher and sleep soundly at night knowing you aren't cooking up a monster stomach bug in your utensil drawer.

thank you madre, for gifting me my very own non-dirty bird basting brush!

am i the last person on planet earth to know about these things?

Friday, June 8, 2012

he calls it my 'monday shirt'

really it's my 'monday, wednesday and sometimes saturday shirt'

it's cozy

it's slouchy but still feminine

it's grey 

this week i may or may not have worn it on monday, wednesday and friday

1. it was clean when i put it on both monday and wednesday...sorry friday
(high fives for doing laundry twice this week!)

2. i only work on tuesdays, thursdays and fridays so two of the 'wears' don't really count

3. am i a dirty bird?  (maybe)

(i even wore it for henry's 18month photo shoot....obviously i had to class it up with a little urban outfitters scalloped shrug)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

between you and me.....

i had been keeping a dirty dark secret from stone.

i lost the mani/pedi gift certificate he stuffed my stocking with at christmas.

the plan was to not say anything, go get a mani/pedi, pay for it, be pissed at myself for loosing the gift certificate whilst paying for it then come home and thank stone for the awesome mani/pedi.

i know it is wrong to fib.

(i use 'fib' because 'lie' makes my ears twitch)

but it is also wrong to lose the nice gift stone got me.

fast-forward to three days ago when i opened my glove box for some unknown reason

and what to my surprise did i find tucked inside?


why on earth i put it in the glove box (along with a stamped and addressed thank you card i never sent...idiot!) is a mystery to me.

the only thing that matter is i came clean to stone
(who laughed at my ridiculousness)

then recelebrated christmas 2011!