Thursday, June 19, 2014


i've been thinking a lot about this whole parenting thing
it's a big ol responsibility raising these babies!
am i feeding them enough of the good stuff?
are we reading enough?
are we reading the right books?
am i too tough?
not tough enough?
the list could go on for days.....i could drown in my parenting fears if i let myself

here is what i do know...
i know i mess up
i know i lose my patience
i know i cave and let henry have a turkey wrap (and nothing else) for lunch far too often
i know i am a helicopter mom at the playground
i know i slip and say bad words in front of the boys
i know i come up short a lot of days

but you know what else i know?
i know i love them so much
(to the moon and back in fact)
that crazy stupid kind of love
that kind of love that changes you
before the boys i was me
and after the boys i am still me
but a different me

i know i try
i try so hard to be the best version of myself for them
the truest and most honest version
i know when they go to bed at night i have told them how much i love them
i have kissed their faces and breathed their breath
they are a part of me
and me of them
and i know they know that

(photos by hrw photography)


Mimi said...

I'm crying now! You're a great Mom! Those boys are so lucky you are their MOM! Love you! Mimi

kate said...

crying! you are a great mom and give a girl like me someone to admire! love you xoxo

Kati024 said...

For what it's worth...I think you are one of the best mom's around. It comes so naturally to you and it really is a gift. You and your kids are so much fun to be around. Love you all!