Thursday, April 22, 2010

the stats.....

12 weeks along

due November 3rd

stuffing my face with almost anything and everything

(note: I have been unable to try Yoplait's new gift to the world...Red Velvet Yogurt....the very thought of red velvet in the form of yogurt sets my mouth a watering (not in a good way) and gives me the shivers.'s bad news bears)

my jeans still fit....and by 'fit' I mean I can wear them, not buttoned, and be uncomfortable all day

my already thick tresses have become an almost uncontrollable mass with it's own plan for world domination

Stone calls the wee babe in my belly 'Nugget'...pronounced 'new-get' with a slight English accent

And that's about it!....Honestly, I have felt really great. I feel lazy and a little bit cranky sometimes (more on that later) other than notch!

Thank you for your sweet comments!


emily said...

wow!! i'm so excited for you!! glad your pants still "fit" :)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Love how the baby is called "Nugget." Classic.

nokomis said...

Wow, I left the internet for a fews weeks and I come back and see this!! Amazing!