Wednesday, July 7, 2010

keeping you abreast....

(other than the fact that my nephew is a nursing baby, and therefore loves boobs, this photo has nothing to do with this post....he's just too darn cute not to share a photo!!!)

Mid-way through high school I came to terms with the fact that my 'lovely lady lumps' were never going to be, well....'lovely lady lumps'.

I grieved, as any teenage girl would. But over time I came to love the fact that I wasn't sporting two cantaloupes atop my chest (or even peaches for that matter!) and had been blessed with a rather 'perky' demeanor. I embraced my itty bitty self and flipped a giant metaphorical bird to one Victoria and her sultry Secret. To get right down to it...I burned my bras.

Well ok, I didn't actually set fire to anything...but I kicked my bra wearing days to the curb and have been living a rather carefree life ever since.

(note: I do always wear and undertank as to not be inappropriate. Not to worry dears, I'm not putting the girls too far out there)

Now imagine my surprise (and horror) when a couple of weeks ago, during a visit from my sweet madre, she uttered the following statement to me:

"You do realize that at some point you are going to have to put those things in a bra."

Or when hanging out pool side I walked up to my Aunt Nancy to greet her with a warm hello and she states:

"Well look at that!...she's got boobs!"

And lastly when my sister (who got the boob gene that skipped me) told me she loved my new swimsuit but:

"There is no way that top is making it through the summer."

I'm just gonna put it out there. I'm freaked out.

I was prepared for stretch marks. I was prepared for raging hormones. I was prepared for prego brain. I was prepared for a lot, but I was not prepared to have to strap the girls in for the next 5 months (and quite possible the rest of my life!)

As it stands.....I haven't turned my back on my cozy cotton undertanks. I can't! They are too darn cozy. The thought of straps and clasps and synthetic fibers in this heat are about enough to bring this perky girl to tears!


Desperately Seeking Vickie (so I can slap her and her sultry secret)


Heather said...

I think I am going to wet my pants laughing! Enjoy your new membership to the "boob club".
the sister with the boob gene

Saskia said...

Haha I totally know what you mean!! I'm all too aware how I don't want my boobs to get bigger during pregnancy... not sure my wish will be granted, haha!!

Bras are the devil... best thing about my day is when I get home from work, take off the horrid contraption and put on a tank and tshirt :) I hope I can get away with being braless for a long time to come!


Rob said...

If there is a time for a picture.. it would be now.. I need proof.

Maggie May said...


that baby is TOO cute!