Thursday, November 11, 2010

delayed reaction.....

I didn't cry when Henry was born.

Stone did. Mi Madre did. My sister did. Katie Jean did. But I didn't.

Don't get the wrong idea....I was over the moon when I saw that sweet boys face, but I think I was in shock.

Yup, shock.

1) I just pushed a baby out of my 18 minutes to boot!

2) Throughout the entire pregnancy when someone would ask me what I thought I was having I would say 'boy'. But really in the back of my mind I just figured the baby would be a girl....I'm a girly girl, so I always pictured myself having a girl. SOOOO, when the baby came out and I saw (forgive my frankness) balls...I.WAS.SHOCKED.

3) I just pushed a baby out of my body....

Fast forward to 2 weeks and 3 days post-birth.

I'm sitting on the couch holding a sleeping Henry, just staring at his face, and it hit me......

Stone and I made him. This tiny little person is made up of pieces (hopefully the best pieces) of the two of us.

....and I cried

(photos taken by the talented Heather....who just so happens to be my sister)


Court said...

These photos are BEAUTIFUL! What a handsome little man ;)


Andrea said...

He is precious! Can't wait to meet him and see you tomorrow!

Your sister did an awesome job with the pictures!

Heather said...

It is overwhelming and amazing! You sure did an awesome job! Just love my little nephew to pieces and his mommy too!

erin and dutch said...

um. i'm bawling. like snot. see you in a minute. xo,eb.

emily said...

those photos are perfect and so is your story. sometimes the really important, profound things don't hit you until later.
i love this.

thank you.

Bridget said...

love this post. and isn't that crazy?! that you and another person MADE A BABY?! no matter how much science i hear, it just seems crazy. that's why God has somethign to do with it for sure.