Wednesday, October 19, 2011

brrrr....and it's only the beginning

It's turned cold here.
Cold and rainy....never a good combo.
I know it is coming every year, and every year I act surprised. As if by some miracle one year it will stay 75 and sunny throughout the entire winter. (wouldn't that be lovely)
All I want to do is snug-a-bug with my boys, drink hot tea (or a skinny vanilla latte if Stone is so inclined to go pick me up one), read my favorite books, snug-a-bug with my boys, watch movies and cook home and heart warming foods.
Did I mention snug-a-bug with my boys? That Mr. Henry is one super snuggler and I love is Stone, but he tells me my hot body (not 'hot' hot, but temperature hot) makes him overheat. The nerve!
PS: check out this big boy.....he was sneaking a peek at the peeps on our block getting ready for 'Blocktober Fest'...the block party our street has every year. this year the weather was beautiful!

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