Wednesday, November 23, 2011

randoms from today

*I went to the eye doctor this morning.  He put a dye in my eyes to 'verify the new contacts were sitting properly on my eye', and then he put drops in my eyes to 'check for allergies'.  He failed to tell me my eyes would go numb after the allergy thank you doctor!  Nor did he give me a heads up that the yellow dye might come out of my nose whilst I am bebopping around town with Mr. Henry. 
No thank you indeed!

*The fire alarm went of while Henry and I were at the mall today....and people just kept on shopping.  Apparently holiday shopping trumps smoke inhalation/burning alive.

* I would love to have this little diddy around my shoulders this holiday season, but at $118 it is a little too salty for this gal.

Light Posy Shrug

Light Posy Shrug

Dear Anthro,
Please get real.  You and I both know those beads are going to start falling off after the third time I wear it!  Go ahead and lower the price down around $ know you are going to do it eventually!

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