Friday, September 28, 2012

what if it's bad

harry potter rocked my world
in a good way
i've read the books multiple times....
.....and am not embarrassed to say it
i cannot wait until the day henry and i will read the series together
(don't even talk to me about what i am going to do if he doesn't love books the way i do)
j.k has written a new book
and i'm pumped to read it
what if it's bad
"i'm so excited!  i'm so excited!  i'm. so. scared!!!!"
(and yes, i call her just 'j.k')


Jill said...

girlfriend, i hear you on ALL counts! i think i was jumping for joy the day i found out i was pregnant simply so i'd have another person to enjoy hp with

his little lady said...

Oh, I didn't know she came out with a new book. Let us know how it is! I'm sure it will be good ;)
xo TJ