Tuesday, December 18, 2012

oh tannenbaum!

i'm not sure what it is about our christmas tree this year
it's the same old tree as the last 6 years
but something about it has me all misty eyed
maybe it's that i'm am loving our 'parlor' where it stands more and more
maybe it's that henry stares at it with wide eyed amazement
whatever it is
i'm loving our cozy christmas decor this year
here is a peek......

our tree in all it's glory
(including vintage coke bottles containing 'the original coke forumla'....thank you katie jean!)

i did a brown paper bag theme with a touch of sparkle for our gifts this year
thank you anthro for having boxes that go so perfectly with my theme that i didn't even need to wrap them!  a sparkly ribbon was wrapping enough

mr. nat king cole has been spinning on our record player almost non-stop this december....well him and bing

 thank you hershey kisses for being sweet enough to decorate with

i had a little craft morning the other day, using henry's foam bath time alphabet for stencils, and made this 'joy to the world' banner

introducing henry's elf on the shelf 'albus'
(yes, as in albus dumbledore from harry potter.....and yes, my child loves harry potter....and yes, i know it is not age appropriate....and yes, i am totally pumped he loves it)

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