Tuesday, December 10, 2013


it's great
things are great
there is sleep
not a lot of sleep
but there is sleep
there are adventures out and about
not a lot of adventures
but there are adventures
there are visitors
lots of visitors
except for that time when everyone in our bungalow had the plague and no one wanted to come near us
but there are visitors
there is teamwork
stone and i are an awesome team
except for that time when i woke up to nurse gus and got a bloody nose and was yelling for stone (who was sleeping in the bed next to me) for help and he didn't hear me until the 14th time i yelled his name because he wears earplugs to sleep otherwise the humidifier keeps him up all night and when he finally woke up he ran and snagged me two simple squares of toilet paper only once he actually looked at me and the mess that was my face/hands he realized i needed a whole lot more than two simple squares
but there is teamwork
so yeah.....it's great
things are great

(photos by hrwphotography)

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Cruzing and Boozing said...

Love those sweet boys and love the blog updates!