Wednesday, November 5, 2014

i like to bury my face in the crook of henry and gus' necks
you know, the little nook below their chin but back a little closer to their ear
i like to close my eyes and breath them in
henry smells a little like boy and a little like hair conditioner
(the tangles...oh the tangles!)
gus smells like baby and graham crackers
(even if he hasn't had any graham crackers)
i like to breath them in and then give their necks a big smooch
the kind of smooch that makes a loud 'SMACK' noise
the noise inevitable makes them pull away from me
but i don't mind
the smooch demands a loud noise
henry and gus both had birthdays these past couple of weeks
each boy got a little party
and at each party i did what i have done for the past three years of henry's birthdays
i stood back and watched our family (and framily) and thanked my lucky stars for them
i am so grateful to have people in our lives who love to love our boys
it really does take a village
....and we have the best village

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Kati024 said...

You're back! What a great day! I've missed reading your posts and seeing cutie pictures of those cutie kids. Love you all!