Saturday, May 22, 2010

to show the bump or to not show the bump....that is the question

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

Summer is upon us and the age old task of purchasing new swimsuits is upon me.

This year being the year that it is, (the year I have a growing baby in my belly all summer) I have been chewing on whether or not to bare it all this summer.

Well I won't be 'baring' everything...jeez!

I've decided to embrace the bump and show it off...sometimes

Probably not if/when I am at a beach or a pool party, but when hanging with the family by the pool....


In 6-10 businesses days I will be rockin this swimsuit top:

With these bottoms:

(both in 'grape'...the color of the top)

PS: It's a definite possibility that said swimsuit will arrive, be tried on and promptly sent back to where it came from.


emily said...

way to go!!! i am totally rockin' the bikini when i have a baby bump. it looks like a really cute swimsuit. i'm excited for you!

Andrea said...

Flaunt and embrace it! I even did on the beach! ;-) I'm not saying I didn't get any looks, but I didn't care! The only thing I would advise you of is that after you have your precious babe, your skin will look c.r.a.z.y.... (aka ~ dirty) for awhile. For me, it was like 3 months until all the skin was exfoliated off.

mic said...

show off that bump, girl!

Saskia said...

lovely lovely swimming cossie!! You should totally show off your gorgeous figure and baby bump... baby can get some warm rays :)


mmcclimon1977 said...

Court, You looked absolutely beautiful yesterday at the pool! Love ya!! Mom

mo.stoneskin said...

I'm just hoping that while dressed in 'grape' you will be eating grapes. For completeness.

The Pittman's said...

i haven't decided if i will...but you're giving me hope!