Monday, January 31, 2011

swimsuits? i'd rather not....clementines? yes please...

I tried on a swimsuit Saturday and promptly wanted to swan dive off a bridge.

To say I'm not excited for swimsuit season is an understatement.

It doesn't help that when the stores start selling swimsuits it's in the dead of winter, when I am pale and have packed on my winter weight to keep warm!

(well, and this year I packed on some weight while growing a human being)

Ugh! Basically Macy's is rude.

Stone and I are on a mission to look awesome by the time our vacation rolls around in roughly two months.

Perhaps these tasty treats from Trader Joe's will help us out

mini Reece Cups bad.

fresh fruit good!

1 comment:

emily said...

ha. yes i go through this daily. mini peanut butter cups v. fresh fruit?!
where are you going on vacation?? so exciting.