Friday, June 8, 2012

he calls it my 'monday shirt'

really it's my 'monday, wednesday and sometimes saturday shirt'

it's cozy

it's slouchy but still feminine

it's grey 

this week i may or may not have worn it on monday, wednesday and friday

1. it was clean when i put it on both monday and wednesday...sorry friday
(high fives for doing laundry twice this week!)

2. i only work on tuesdays, thursdays and fridays so two of the 'wears' don't really count

3. am i a dirty bird?  (maybe)

(i even wore it for henry's 18month photo shoot....obviously i had to class it up with a little urban outfitters scalloped shrug)

1 comment:

kate said...

ha ha! i told brian when we got in the car - court really loves that shirt! you love your uniforms and i can't fault you for it!!