Tuesday, February 12, 2013

book snob

don't you hate it when you think of the best thing to say to someone
AFTER you walk away?

the cashier at barnes & noble judged me for not being a regular b&n shopper but a Half Priced Books shopper
(it truly is the best.store.ever. i can get lost in there for hours)

stone told me i should've told him

'i buy used books. it's crazy, they're half the price but have the same words and everything!'

on the plus side
the trip to b&n, to use up a gift card, wasn't a total bust
stone took the mr. to the kids section so i could get lost in the maze of colorful spines and paper smells
i found a few treasures
then found my boys tucked away in a corner full of wheeled books
of course henry would find the books with wheels on them


Cruzing and Boozing said...

Taking after his mama!

Cruzing and Boozing said...

That sweet boy is really taking after his mama!