Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Woman I Want To Be (in regards to my pantry)

I want to be organized
I want to be creative
I want to be prepared for birthdays (aka: ingredients for cupcakes on hand)
I want to be coupon savvy
I want to be gourmet
I want to be fresh from the garden
I want to be international

But mostly I want to be the woman who when faced with 3-5 unexpected dinner guests doesn't suggests Chinese take-out....instead she whips up a kick ass meal from things she already has on hand.

Mi Madre is like this. My sister is like this. I fear the hostess with the mostess gene might have taken a hop skip and a jump, missing me entirely.

At least I have a super friendly telephone voice when ordering the take out......


mic said...

i want to be more coupon savvy too. but the cooking stuff? still scares me a tad. i will have to work up to actual meals of food. :/

mo.stoneskin said...

Sheesh, I thought you were already coupon savvy.

emily said...

i totally want to be the lady who whips out an amazing meal, too. someday. someday.

My Favourite Things said...

I feel like I might be missing that gene as well, lol. Practice makes perfect though I guess!