Friday, February 26, 2010

bump in the night


That's the sound my forehead makes when it meets Stone's elbow in the middle of the night.

Nothing like being roused from dreamland with an elbow to the face.

At least Stone woke up too and told me how sorry he was....

....the last time I woke Stone up with my elbow to his face, I let the dog take the blame.

Oh the joys of two 'tosser and turners' sharing a bed.


emily said...

hahaha. be careful!!!

Jennifer said...

I've been told I head butt. YIKES!

Adele said...

HAAHA! thank goodness Ian sleeps like a log, except he always tries to steal my bolster! (I don't think i've seen people use bolsters in the US!) (: xo

mo.stoneskin said...

One way to prevent further elbows in the face is to kick the other out the bed.