Sunday, August 8, 2010

Is there a bonfire in your house?.....

....No, that would be my hair.

We had southern style smoked bbq for dinner tonight. It seems that not only did my belly get full with the meal, but my hair drank up as much of the bbq flavor (read: stench) as it could.

g on to more important things.....

Stone and I had a serious conversation the other night.

"If you could brush only two teeth in your mouth every day, and it had to be the same two every day, which two would you pick?" Was the question at hand.

Stone went for the jack-o-lantern look. One on top and one on bottom...right in the front.

I decided I would pick a molar on the top and the corresponding molar on the bottom. That way when all the teeth in my head fell out I would still be able to somewhat chomp down.

Very serious stuff.

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emily said...

mmm yes deep thoughts deep thoughts. you two are so insightful.