Thursday, August 5, 2010

Things I love to love even if it makes me red in the face to admit it....

*The song "After All" by Cher and Peter Cetera (theme song from the movie Chances Are)

It's terrible but I get a little weepy every time my iPod picks it when I shuffle my tunes....I kinda love the move Chances Are too

*The movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

I mean come on.....Maid Marian. Need I say more? I wanted to be her when I was a kid. Alan Rickman as the Sheriff of Nottingham...nuff said. Don't even get me started on my sweet Morgan Freeman. I think my love for Morgan and his regal face started when I saw this movie. Funny thing, this movie has been on my top 10 list for years and years, but I never owned it until recently. My sweet little husband surprised me with it when I got home from work one day last attempt to talk me out of repainting the nursery late Tuesday night. (attempt failed, but I was still super pumped to get my hands on that movie!)

*When people rub my belly

I mean obviously not strangers and definitely not when I am not pregnant....that would be just plain awkward. Well let's be honest, it's a little awkward even when I am pregnant. "Excuse me. Would you mind rubbing my belly for a minute?" How does one go about requesting a belly rub?...without sounding slightly like a puppy.

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Maggie May said...

i love that robin hood movie!