Monday, June 6, 2011


My dilemmas for today include but are not limited to:

1.What should I get Stone for father's day.

2. Should I purchase the 4 items in my 'shopping cart' on

3.Should we officially move Henry into his room?

4. What am I going to wear to Jacey's wedding this weekend.

5. If we go on a walk later, should I keep my hair in this high pony? (it's pretty high)

6. Should I give up soda....tomorrow?

7. Henry is napping....should I lay down with him and snug-a-bug?


emily said...

give up soda. snuggle. those things for sure.

erin and dutch said...

1. lets plan a tee time for him & dutch. done and done.
2. let me approve of them first tomorrow
3. they're only little once. don't stress about it for another minute. and def don't do it a night you have to work the next morning.
4. i'll do a sketch for you tomorrow. i have an adorable item i may let you snag.
5. i heart high ponys.
6. that ice cold diet coke with a straw on a hot summer day just brings too much joy. wait til fall.