Monday, December 14, 2009

La La La La La La

Yesterday (to the horror and embarrassment of two of my nieces) mi Madre and I had a Christmas tune sing along.

Thank you Madre for being a part of an awesome duet....

Someday, when Stone and I live in a bigger house, we will have mi Madre's old piano in our living room and we will gather round for a good old fashioned sing along.

Until then, the Christmas tunes flowing from the radio will have to do.


Saskia said...

I think it's an aunt's & a grandma's job to embarass their nieces/granddaughters :)

Aaahhh I'd LOVE to have a piano in our house... unfortunately it's too small! Mr B has promised me a piano for my 30th birthday... so we need to move house in the next 3 years or we may have issues!!


mo.stoneskin said...

And yet you don't post an audio for us all to enjoy? Shameful.

emily said...

i love christmas tunes, especially with family. so fun.