Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I present...

I made this twin size headboard to go in one of our guest rooms. It is a shoebox of a room and for a year and half (every since we have lived in our house) this room has been a pesky thorn in my side. I could make it into an office but lets get serious, what business do Stone and I do that requires an office?...NONE. I could make it into a nursery BUT this little lady is not ready for that just yet! Thus, I have decided to make it into another guest room. I feel like a regular Bed & Breakfast!
I can't take credit for the idea of making my own crafty sister Heather made my niece Laney one and I snatched the idea right up from her.
I am down right proud of this little diddy! I got the fabric on clearance from Pottery Barn (I had been eyeing it for quite some time), the legs were extra staircase spindles I found in our garage (thank you to the lady who sold us our house!) and I found coupons for all the other goods from Hobby Lobby!
To tell you how proud of myself I was when I finished this....I showed it to Antwone, the AT&T repair man, that was doing work in our house last Saturday! haha!
*I also accidentally gave him a show when he came up the stairs unexpectedly and I was in a t-shirt and my undies! OOPS! I literally jumped into the hall closet and hid myself! haha!
I'm sure he thinks I'm a total NUT!

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