Friday, October 9, 2009

recent converstations between husband and wife

Convo #1

Stone: I feel kind of bad for the mouse that is going to die tonight, but really this is getting kind of absurd.

Court: (stink face)

Stone: Do you think mice in the house during the winter happens to all of these old houses around us too?

Court: (stink face)

Stone: I'm gonna have to see the dead mouse when I get the laundry from the basement in the's upsetting.

Court: (stink face)

Convo #2

(the scene: watching a commercial set in the 1950's)

Stone: You know, I miss the good old days.

Court: (looks at husband confused)

Stone: Well you know, even though I didn't really live in them.

Court: Didn't really?....or didn't at all? (he was born in 1980)

Stone: (stink face)....the 50's were a great time...the 60's too.

Court: (looks at husband confused)


Jane said...

Too funny! Hope you're having a great weekend!

emily said...

great conversations! i wish i could see the stink face... :)