Friday, November 13, 2009

And then there was one....

Dear solo Slipper Boot,

I left you in the upstairs hallway, with your mate...I know I did!

I was looking forward to sliding my cold tootsies into your warm fuzzy goodness when I got home.

For two days now your mate has been missing.

The canine (you know, Matilda) has been intensely interviewed and all her hiding places have been no avail.

Do we have a ghost? A slipper boot stealing ghost????

Where could your mate have gone?

Hoping we are spook free,


PS: We cracked the case. The mate was found hiding in the hamper.....the paw print pointed to a canine.


Saskia said...

Haha Tilda is trying to get you to slowly GO CRAZY by moving things around, making you think you're forgetful & losing your mind!!

One day Meesha and Tilda will take over the world!!


Summer B. said...

This is hysterical! So well written! You are the best. Happy weekend!

emily said...

silly matilda, so sneaky :)
glad you found it!

Paulina said...

hahahahahahhahahaha!!! Yesterday I put on my slipper boots for the first time in the season (I've had them for about five years now and every time the weather gets chilly and I put them on for the first time in the year, I forget how much I love them!)

But, this post is so funny! Love it!

mo.stoneskin said...

But what would a canine be doing with your boot in a hamper?!