Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How the time slips by

What I really want to do is post photos of our new and (very) improved family room and all it's Deep Walnut glory.

But I can't.

There was a teeny tiny mishap with the camera involving someone (me) dropping it and breaking it.

I really should take it to the camera shop tomorrow before work because after all, I don't work until 1pm.

But I can't.

Before I head off to work, I have a very important date with a comfy couch, a blanket, a warm cup of tea and the movie Wolverine. Stone's dad gave me the movie months ago and I have failed to watch it. Last night while talking over dinner he informed me he 'couldn't believe I hadn't watched it yet!' and that I 'need to hurry up already' because he has 'many questions he needs answered!' I guess that makes me the X-Men Encyclopedia??? (aka: closet sci-fi lover)

Perhaps Friday before work at 12pm?


I have a very important date with my lovely stylist Amber for a pre-holidays color touch up. (can you say HELLO BLONDE ROOTS!)

Maybe on Saturday?

No can do.

I've gotta work at 8:30 and after that I have a very important date scheduled with Lisa, who is in town from Detroit.

All of this means that not only do I not get to post pics of our cozy new family room in all of it's Deep Walnut glory....I also do not get to document what is most certainly going to be a fun night out with the girls!

I shake my fist at you time....and your slippery ways!!!!!!


Jane said...

I'm sort of a closeted sci-fi lover too. I also tend to break my cameras. I wonder if these two things are connected?

Saskia said...

Time is a fickle friend... never stays around long enough :)

Can't wait to see your wonderful walnut room when your camera gets well.


Court said...

Your hair is so pretty dark brown!

emily said...

i hate being too busy to run errands and whatnot. boo to that.

Courtney said...

Thank you!...I'm keeping it dark brown. It just looks super silly when my blonde roots start to grow in. It's bizarre, because usually you see people with light hair and dark roots. I guess I just like to be different!

Summer B. said...