Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I have "problems"....

I have problems with buying things I want but don't need. Problems with buying things that are cute but not practical. Problems with buying the same shirt in 3 different colors....which equals I then technically wear a uniform. Problems with buying something JUST because it is on sale and it is plain WRONG to pass up a bargain! Problems with buying lip gloss because it says if I wear it I will have oh so sexy plump lips, but in reality I know that I will wear that lip gloss for two weeks and then go back to my coconut flavored chap stick because I don't have to look in a mirror to put that on. I DEFINITELY have problems with boots. I LOVE LOVE LOVE boots. Tall boots, short boots any kind of boot....I LOVE THEM ALL! Except for boots with fringe on them...I don't do fringe.

Here is my latest "problem":

photo from UrbanOutfitters

I REALLY REALLY REALLY want this bag. Problem is, I don't need this bag. I have so many overnight bags that you would think I never spent a night in my own home! But look at it!!!! How can I not get this bag???...there is even a large bag with wheels that matches it! A SET!!!! I can't pass up a luggage set! Can I???? PLUS the large bag is on SALE!!! (please see above to my problem with bargains)
Today is going to be a rough day. A day of fighting the urge to click "add to shopping cart" when I look at this bag.

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