Monday, November 17, 2008

Dear Urban Outfitters,

I hate to sound ungrateful.... you DID bring me great joy this weekend when I was able to purchase my sweater boots/slippers to keep my tootsies warm. (please see the photo below) Matilda wishes she had some...her little tootsies need warming too!.

However, in order to get these awesome slippers I had to make an hour long trek down to Bloomington because you refuse to open a store in MY TOWN.

Do you not like us folks in Indianapolis? We like you!

We like you so much that whenever we do venture to another town where you have planted roots our first thought is "when can we visit our friend Urban!?!?!"

Chicago, Cincinnati, Bloomington.....clearly you like the Midwest, but just not us?

I have to tell you it just plain hurts! Is Indianapolis "the stinky kid" that no one wants to sit by on the bus????


Holding Out Hope

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