Wednesday, March 4, 2009


heads up: this photo has nothing to do with this post. This past weekend, in Detroit, we went to a hole in the wall pub (Saturday we never did end up going to the "classier" bar so I fretted about my wardrobe for no reason) and there were a bunch of funny horses painted on the walls. The little buddy above was my favorite....he looks like he is cooking up some mischief!

Did I ever tell you how much I enjoy food?

Seriously. I love it.

Obvious reason:

*food is sort of a must, what with needing nutrients to survive

Not So-Obvious reasons:

*I love to try new things

*food brings people together

*I love to cook

*food really makes a house smell like a home

*if I have cooked something new and my peeps really like it, I feel as if I could burst with joy (and a wee bit of pride)

Sunday my taste buds (and judgement) betrayed me.

Sunday a burrito for dinner was all I could think of. I requested Stone take me to Qdoba (grilled veggie burrito please!).

On the way we stopped at Target so I could continue my now bordering on unhealthy obsession with Twilight....I needed to pick up New Moon.

(which by the way I have finished...told you obsessed)

Whilst leaving Target I saw Stone's eyes gaze longingly at a little place called Taco Bell. Now I'm not one to bash Taco Bell, it's my "go to" fast food place. (a bean burrito, minus the onions add sour cream...makes this lady happy). However on Sunday I wanted RICE in my burrito, hence why Qdoba sounded like heaven. However, knowing I most certainly would not be able to eat an entire burrito from Qdoba (HELLO, burrito as big as your head!) and knowing that it is a bit more pricey than Taco Bell and knowing I'm married to a man who likes to pinch a penny, I told him we could just go to Taco Bell.

Bad idea.

I ordered a "Cheesy Bean & Rice Burrito"....translation: NOT TASTY AT ALL.

Ever since that meal my tasted buds have not been my biggest fan and therefore nothing (I MEAN NOTHING) has sounded good to me.

I'm sorry taste buds! I won't do it to you again. Can we put this all behind us and be friends again? b-fast/lunch/dinner are not the same without you!

note: Considering the fact that I have a sore throat, I'm pretty sure I'm getting sick. Which equals "the buds" and I are still pals. However, being sick is not really something I'm up for right now so I am happy to place blame on "the buds" for my lack of appetite and pretend the mean spirited Flu Bug is not knocking on my door.

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Saskia said...

I hope the sore throat turned out not to be the flu. How are you feeling? Have your taste buds forgiven you yet?! We don't have taco bell here... I really wanted to try taco bell when I visit the US but now I'm not sure!

Have a great weekend xx