Monday, March 30, 2009

what I did:

I like having a weekend with nothing to do. Don't you?

Friday: (post work)

*Stone and I took a trip to Half Priced Books where I was thrilled to find 5 books with my name on them. Five books which totalled a whopping $14.00! Can't beat that with a stick.

Whilst walking aisle upon aisle of old delicious smelling books I happened to bump into the same, not so bad looking, man a few times. I polite smile was given by both parties before we each went our on our way. (me to my love and him to who knows where) After leaving the shop it occurred to me that had my heart not already been given to another, meeting a man in a book store would be almost the most romantic encounter least for this book worm.

(oh, Stone also found something with his name all over it....a Phil Collins CD, which to my dismay was promptly put into the CD player for the drive home)

*Stone then went out with his buddies to watch college b-ball while Matilda and I snuggled on the couch.

(bad news: Stone's car was the victim of a hit-n-run while parked downtown. NOT COOL.)

(good news: he drives a company car which equals we don't have to pay to have it fixed.)


*I received a post card in the mail earlier this week from a little shop in Zionsville, that Katie Jean and I visit every month or so. The post card was sent to inform me of a BIG sale....they are liquidating all of their regular clothes and focusing only on formal ware. Well, it would have been rude for us not to go and help them with their liquidation right?

We each found something too cute to pass up....did you think we wouldn't? ha!

*A night out at the bars was in order. Good times were had by all. I documented the night (via photograph), however someone (Stone) looks ridiculous in each photo so I will not be sharing.

Stone, if you are reading this, seriously STOP doing the "Zoolander Face". If you don't you will officially become a douchebag, and neither of us want that.


*I don't think I have had a day as lazy as Sunday. Honestly, my muscles were at risk of atrophy due to my lack of doing anything.

My Sunday....

-woke up

-started watching "The Prince and Me" on TBS

-Jennie (my sister-in-law) purchased us McDonalds for b-fast

-continued watching "The Prince and Me" the dismay of Stone, my bro and Jennie

-my bro, Jennie and Wilson (their dog) departed

-watched "The Prince and Me 2: A Royal Wedding" on TBS

-showered (but I totally left my hair wet and put sweats on)

-watched "The Wedding Date"

-ate some cheese and pita chips...washed it down with a glass of sweet iced tea (thank you Madre for leaving a jug of your tea at my house!)

-watched "Monster-In-Law"....Jane Fonda is a real wench. I almost turned the channel...almost

-bounced between "Lethal Weapon 4", "Liar Liar", "Spanglish" and "50 First Dates"

-ate a few pretzel chips

-took a nap

-woke up to Stone holding a plate of pasta in front of me

-watched Planet Earth on the Discovery channel. Sigourney Weaver's voice is a soothing song that gently nudged me into dreamland.

YES, I am a sloth.....


Today is my sister-in-law Jennie's birthday. Below are a few sweet pics of her and my bro, CJ.


nokomis said...

great post. Oddly, your weekend sounds more productive than mine!

Saskia said...

Ha, I love that Stone did "blue steel" in every photo... hilarious!!

How great that you're getting an SLR!! I hope you do get it in time for your holiday!


Jill said...

i found your blog via saskia and you're so funny! the bookstore story was lovely and your sunday sounds fantastico. j.e.a.l.o.u.s. i was doing chores all day.